Thursday, February 28, 2013

New Image of Soul Medical Center

From the Soul Center:

"Souls can expect quality care in our medical centers that are clean, sterile, and efficient."

New Behind the Scenes Feature- "Choose to Believe"

The latest behind the scenes feature, titled "Choose to Believe- Part One" features brand new footage, as well as lots of new behind the scenes footage of Stephenie Meyer, Andrew Niccol, and the cast. There are not any major spoilers in the new feature, but with lots of new footage, you might want to avoid it if you would like to be spoiler free.

Check it out from Entertainment Weekly


A Fan's Experience at 'The Host' Philadelphia Book Signing

Earlier this week, I received a wonderful email from one of The Host Movie Fans' readers, Katelyn, who attended The Host book signing last week in Philadelphia. She found out about the event through the blog and wanted to share her experience with other fans. Below you'll find an account of the signing, as well as her photos and video footage.

Stephenie Meyer's Book Tour Makes a Stop in Philadelphia

Report Members of the Human Resistance to the Soul Center

Jamie and Jeb Stryder, Kyle O'Shea, and Jared Howe are all wanted by the Seekers. Help the Soul Center track down members of the human resistance and ensure a peaceful world.

Submit your report to the Soul Center here.


Shawn Carter Peterson (Wes) Enjoyed Reading 'The Host' On Set

Jamie Ruby from SciFi Vision had the opportunity to speak to Shawn Cater Peterson (Wes) about The Host, including  his audition, reading the novel on set, his favorite scene to film, and getting close to his co-stars.

On his audition:
"I put myself on tape for one of my representatives and I auditioned for one of the two leads, actually, the Kyle character. And then they liked my audition and they asked me to come to meet with Andrew Niccol and the casting director, and they were considering me for Wes. So I went in and got to do it live and memorized for them, and got the job."

Reading the novel on set:
"I read the book during the shoot, because it was a nice long shoot so I had a little time to get down with it."

Favorite, or rather, second favorite scene to film:
"I can tell you my second favorite scene to film, which was a rescue scene that I did with Jake Abel. We were rescuing Boyd Holbrook's character (Kyle), he was with Saiorse. And there's a big, huge underground river that they built, which was pretty, pretty awesome. And when it was time to get it shot they rushed thousands and thousands of gallons of water."

Getting close to his co-stars:
"I actually got really close with Boyd Holbrook, who's really, really cool. He and I were really cool. Frances Fisher, she was like the matriarch of the group, just like she was when she played Maggie in the film. She was really, really down to earth and really, really cool. So we would all kick it in between teaks. It was like a big family."

Check out the entire interview here.

Follow Jamie Ruby @scifivision.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Us Weekly Special: The Host Available for Pre-Order

While browsing Tumblr, I came across a post from ianwanda, who discovered The Host US Weekly Special available for pre-order for $9.99. The special issue will include 3 posters, photos from the movie and stories from the set. You can pre-order a copy here or pick up a copy in stores later this month.

Check out a preview here.

Are you looking forward to adding this to your Host collection? Have you purchased previous US Weekly Special issues?

Source (Cover image)

Vancouver Fan Frenzy

Stephenie Meyer's latest stop on The Host tour was Chapters in Vancouver and some fans waited in line for 8 hours to meet the author (I was in line for 7 hours at the Coral Gables signing). Check out a video from the event below with fans dicussing what draws them to Meyer's stories.

Check out the accompanying article here.

Stephenie Meyer- 'The Host' Sequel Feels Like "An Overdue Library Book"

After making her way up the east coast, Stephenie Meyer headed to Vancouver for more Host events. While there, Meyer spoke with Georgia Straight about possible sequels, her writing process, and writing for herself. 

Fans of The Host have been waiting patiently for a sequel since the book's release in 2008, and while Stephenie Meyer has confirmed she is indeed working on a sequel, fans will have to wait a little longer before they can crack it open. One of the biggest obstacles the sequel faces is the amount of time Meyer has spent on film sets, including Twilight, The Host, and Austenland, and the projects' promotional tours. At this point, the sequel "feels very an over due library book just sitting there racking up fines." Another obstacle Meyer faces is her own writing style.
"I've just been writing The Host novels chronologically, which actually drives me nuts. With the Twilight novels, I did a lot of jumping around in the story, which I think is a little bit easier, so I need to try and break out of my cycle."
As the Twilight series went on, Meyer took on an increasing role in production and serves as a producer on The Host and Austenland, which premiered at Sundance in January, through Fickle Fish Films. With her new role, Meyer notes she had to build her confidence since she is a "shy person at heart." Though fan expectations are a constant presence, it is important for Meyer to write for herself, saying "If I listened to what I was supposed to do, Twilight would not have been the same novel, so I think you just tell the story to yourself until you're really happy with it and then worry about all the nonsense."

Check out the entire interview here

Stephenie Meyer Admits 'The Host' is Her Favorite Novel & Movie

While discussing The Host with AOL, Stephenie Meyer touches on losing minor plot themes from the novel, working with producer Nick Wechsler and director Andrew Niccol, and the increasing input with she has with the adaptations of her novels.


Tuesday, February 26, 2013

New 'The Host' Spot- "A New Saga Begins"


Stephenie Meyer Initially Thought Saoirse Ronan Was Too Young to Play Melanie/Wanderer

If you've read The Host (and if you haven't, get started!!), you'll remember the characters of Melanie/Wanda, Jared, and Ian are slightly older than their cinematic counterparts. That being the case, it was a little surprising to hear that, then 17-year-old, Saoirse Ronan would be taking on the lead role. While Stephenie Meyer has nothing but wonderful things to say about Ronan now, she was initially hesitant about the young actress taking on the duel roles of Melanie and Wanderer.
"I said, I think that she's too young. They said, go watch Hanna and then let's talk about it. And I watched Hanna and then I was like, 'Oh, I totally get it. We have to have her.'"
"I'd seen [Saoirse] play very vulnerable roles, so I knew she could do that part of it but I hadn't see her play a warrior. And not only did she play it, she owned it. I saw that and thought, 'Oh my gosh, she can do anything. She's unbelievably talented." 
Cineplex will have their entire interview with Stephenie Meyer available soon.


"Choose the Music"- Submit Your Choices for 'The Host' Fan Playlist

There may only be one song featured in The Host, but that doesn't mean music is not a big part of the story. Stephenie Meyer shared her Host playlist and now it is time for fans to create their own. The Host's official Twitter put out a call for submissions for a fan playlist on Spotify. To submit your choices simply tweet the song and artist to @TheHostFilm.


New Stills from 'The Host'

Check out more images after the break. 

Monday, February 25, 2013

'The Host' Giveaway from Mall of America

Head over to the Mall of America blog to enter for a chance to not only see an advanced screening of The Host, but also win a private meet and greet with Max Irons and Jake Abel. Entries must be in by noon (CST) on Friday, March 1st. The screening will be held on Friday, March 5th at 8pm.

Check out all the official rules and enter to win here.

Stephenie Meyer Talks 'The Host' on BT Vancouver

The first part of the interview deals with Twilight and talk about The Host begins around the 1:55 mark.


Saturday, February 23, 2013

Imagine Dragons Perform "Radioactive" on the 'Late Show'

When the second trailer for The Host debuted, fans were left wondering who performed the song in the trailer. By now we are all familiar with Imagine Dragons and I'm sure a few of you have even been lucky enough to see them on tour. The band made a stop this week to the Late Show for a performance of "Radioactive," which is the only song to appear in The Host (from SM fan site interview @19:09 mark).

If you did not get the opportunity to catch Imagine Dragons during their SOLD OUT spring tour, you'll have another chance this summer as they head out on the road again. Check out all the details here.


Friday, February 22, 2013

"My First Time" with Max Irons & Jake Abel

Max Irons and Jake Abel discuss their first loves (they're not what you think), who they would save in an alien invasion, and what it was like to work with Stephenie Meyer with HLN.

On their first loves:
Jake Abel: "My first love was baseball. I wanted to be a professional baseball player when I was a kid. I had the same feeling about what I do now that I did as a kid playing baseball. 

Max Irons: "Apparently, when I was young, I used to get very sad and I'd cry for them a lot - bellmen at hotels. I figured that people were coming and going, but no one ever stopped to hang out with them."

Who Max would save in an alien invasion:
Max Irons: "It wouldn't be a bellman! That's difficult - my mother and father? But then my brother, he's toast... You know what, they've had a stab at life - I'll take my brother!"

On working with Stephenie Meyer:
Jake Abel: "Stephenie was on set quite a bit, but she was very much in the background. She was only there if you sought her out."

Max Irons: "And she trusted us. We'd go to her and say, 'Stephanie, give us a piece of advice. Are we doing this scene right?' And she'd say, 'Just go with your instincts.'"

Check out the entire interview here

Saoirse Ronan Talks 'The Host' & Stunt Training on The Graham Norton Show

Saoirse Ronan appeared on The Graham Norton Show this week (the show will air next Saturday on BBC America) and chatted about The Host and her movie fighting skills (around 20:35)


A Day in the Life of Stephenie Meyer

Stephenie Meyer has been hopping from interview to screening to signing in multiple cities for the past week and the craziness has only just begun. The Washington Post takes a look at a day in the life of the successful author, along with her fans and critics.

On the relationship between an author and reader:
"It's always interesting, the relationship between reader and writer. I spend a year working on a novel and another year editing it. They spend one day reading it, and they're ready for more."

On her critics:
"I don't really consider myself much of a writer. I consider myself a storyteller...I can definitely agree with the critics, because I see all the flaws. I just want to say, trust me, guys. I know."

Check out the entire article here.

New Photo of Frances Fisher & Chandler Canterbury on Set

Follow @Frances_Fisher for more. 

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Stephenie Meyer on 'The Host' Sequels & "Love Box"

While in Miami on Tuesday, Stephenie Meyer took time to talk with the Associated Press about The Host's "love box" and the possibility of sequels.

On The Host sequels:
"Once you've created characters that have life to them, unless you kill them all, you know where their stories go. You're always aware of what happens next. I've got outlines for the next books. I would hope that this would be a three-book arc, but we'll see."

On The Host's "love box":
"Jake and Max call it the 'love box.' I feel like the 'love box,' as it is, is played out in this novel. It completely resolves into two happy places, so that won't be a focus going forward.

Check out images from Meyer's interview here.


Stephenie Meyer & Jake Abel Thank 'The Host' Fans in Spain


Enter to Win a Copy of 'The Host' Signed by Author Stephenie Meyer

While I was at the Florida book signing for The Host, I was able to get the final copy I have to give away signed by Stephenie Meyer. I will also include a flyer from the event so the winner will have the date and location of the autograph.

The contest will run from Thursday, February 21st to Thursday, March 7th. There are three ways to enter: Tweet about the giveaway (you can do this daily), follow @HostMovieFans on Twitter, and/or leave a comment on this post. Do not forget to log your entries on the Rafflecopter widget. Due to shipping costs, this giveaway is limited to US residents only (excluding Hawaii and Alaska).

If you decided to tweet about the giveaway, you can use this message: Enter to win a signed copy of #TheHost from @HostMovieFans
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Jeb & Maggie Sections of "Choose a Side" Feature Now Available

The final two characters in the "Choose a Side" feature have finally been revealed. Fans can now access Jeb and Maggie Stryder's bios and photos, along with downloads for Facebook covers & profiles, Twitter profiles & skins, and wallpapers. Check them out here.


New Images of Frances Fisher as Maggie Stryder

The Maggie Stryder section of The Host's "Choose a Side" Feature is now open and includes two new images of Frances Fisher as Melanie's aunt. 


Wednesday, February 20, 2013

New Image of 'The Host' Pods

"In chrome-protected pods, the journey to our world is safe for every Soul."

Follow The Soul Center on Tumblr. 

'The Host' Two Day Madness

The past two days were crazy for me, filled with two screenings of The Host, a book signing, and miles and miles of driving. 

The Host madness kicked off Monday morning with a 10am screening of the movie in Orlando. The group was relatively small, so they crammed us in one of the smallest theaters for the next two hours. I was very nervous to see the movie since I would be driving to Miami to see it again that night. What if I didn’t like it? Well, there was no problem there since I really enjoyed the movie. Sure, there were changes and shortcuts taken, but for such a large and mostly internal book, they did a great job bringing it to the screen (I will post a review closer to the release date). The audience seemed to enjoy the movie, laughing at the right moments and audible gasps at others. 

From there, I hopped onto the Turnpike and headed south to Miami (yes, the Will Smith song played in my head part of the way). I was able to reserve a seat for the Miami screening, which was a lifesaver since I was stuck in traffic from the hotel to the theater. The Orlando audience seemed into the movie, but the Miami audience was on another level. There were a lot of hearty laughs and some of the dialogue was lost amongst the laughter and chatter of the audience. There were also plenty of sighs and squeals for Max Irons and Jake Abel when they delivered their swoon worthy lines. 

When the movie ended, the stars were brought into the theater one by one, starting with Jake Abel, then Max Irons, and the biggest star of the lot, Stephenie Meyer. The boys looked dashing and were quite charming with the crowd (Check out what Jake Abel did to make the audience crack up). 

Most of the questions went to Stephenie, who talked about working with Andrew Niccol, what is was like writing The Host, and Twilight comparisons. The boys also fielded some questions, including working with Saoirse Ronan and their favorite scenes to shoot. The Q&A was short, lasting about 15 minutes, and the three were whisked away before the crowd could rush after them (You can read the transcript here). I may be the only one, but I got a kick out of Beautiful Creatures with Jeremy Irons playing at the same time in the neighboring theater.

"Choose to Fight" Featurette


Max Irons & Jake Abel Talk 'The Host' with Despierta America

While in Miami, Max Irons and Jake Abel stopped by the Spanish-language talkshow Despierta America. The questions are in Spanish, but the boy's answers are in English. They discuss possible The Host sequels, reading the book before the movie, Andrew Niccol as the godfather of science fiction, kissing the same girl. Check out the video after the break (a commercial automatically plays when the page loads).

Max Irons & Jake Abel Talk 'The Host' with Good Day Atlanta

Atlanta News, Weather, Traffic, and Sports | FOX 5


Frances Fisher Shares Two New Photos from the Set


Jake Abel's Inappropriate Microphone Tap

UPDATE: Check out the entire Q&A here.

I will hopefully have my video of the Miami Q&A up soon, but for now I leave you with this hilarious bit in which Jake Abel inappropriately taps Max Irons' microphone.

Exclusive: Q&A with Jake Abel, Max Irons & Stephenie Meyer from the Miami Screening of 'The Host'

I was lucky enough to attend the screening of The Host in Miami on Monday and even luckier that I was allowed to film the Q&A that followed the movie. Jake Abel, Max Irons, and Stephenie Meyer talked about their favorite scenes to shoot, covering up accents, and why the villains are not all that bad. There are some spoilers in the answers that I was asked to leave out, but I hope to share the answers with you once the movie is released. Check out the full transcript after the break.

Two New Stills of Jamie & New Section of "Choose a Side" Feature

Jamie Stryder's section of the "Choose a Side" feature is now open and has two new stills of Melanie's brother. Along with the new stills, you can also download a Facebook cover & profile, Twitter profile & skin, and wallpaper featuring Jamie.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Stephenie Meyer Interview with 'The Host' & 'Twilight' Fan Sites

The Host and Twilight fan sites had the opportunity to interview Stephenie Meyer last Thursday after the Google Hangout. You can check out the audio interview below (and me around the 9:30 mark!).

A BIG thank you goes to Alice from Edward's Meadow for putting together such a great video.

Max Irons & Jake Abel in VMan Magazine

Max Irons and Jake Abel talk Twilight,building their careers, and competition in Hollywood with VMan Magazine. The type of the article is small, but readable (You can zoom in if you open it in a new tab). You can also read the article here.


First TV Spot for 'The Host'- Making Sacrifices


Friday, February 15, 2013

"Choose to Love" Featurette

Check out screen caps from the video here.


New "Become a Soul" Feature

The Host's official site went through a bit of a makeover and now includes a feature called "Become a Soul." Fans can take photos of themselves and be transformed into souls, complete with their distinct eyes. The image can then be downloaded as a motion poster, desktop background, Twitter skin, Twitter profile, Facebook profile, and Facebook cover.

You can "become a soul" here.

Stephenie Meyer Talks 'The Host' Sequels and Love Square

With The Host a little more than a month away, press is going to be kicking into high gear. Stephenie Meyer took some time to speak with the press yesterday following the release of the third trailer.

There are spoilers in the interview pertaining to the book and specifically the ending. Below is an excerpt from the interview and you can read the entire transcript here.

Is there anyone from the movie- any of the actors- that pulled off the performance that you think is really closest to how you pictured the character when you wrote the book?

Yeah, all of them did a pretty good job. The top honors have to go to Saoirse, particularly for her portrayal of Wanda. I think Melanie was a little bit easier for her because she kind of relates to that girl, but Wanda's not even human. And wow, does she create this person, this entity. And it really did, for me, most encapsulate this character, who really could like like anyone. So the looks aren't such a big thing, but she just has that other-worldly persona, where she is just alien. It's amazing.

You touched on this briefly before. You have some wonderful veteran powerhouse actors in this film, such as William Hurt playing Uncle Jeb and Frances Fisher playing Maggie. Can you talk about what they bring to the movie?

So much. Oh my gosh. It's really amazing. Frances Fisher has a smaller role than William Hurt, but she's really fantastic in everything she does. But William has a meatier role, and he gets to the thoughtful center of the movie. Here's the person who's been around the longest and seen the most and comes up with his own philosophy on life. Every time he's in a scene, it's like "Ahh" angel lights descending on it. It's amazing. I think people are just going to adore him as Jeb. I think that might be the most true to the novel, looks, the sound of his voice, the way he does things. I think people are going to be like, "Yes, there's no one else who could ever do this but him."

Check out the entire interview here.


Thursday, February 14, 2013

Get Your Passes for 'The Host' Screenings

I was just provided with links to register for passes for five screenings of The Host. To claim your passes, click on the link below for your city. You will have to create a Gofobo account to retrieve your tickets. Screenings are on a first come, first serve basis, so simply having a ticket does not guarantee you a seat in the theater. Check with your local theater for details on how they will handle lining up attendants.

The Miami, Washington DC, Philadelphia, and Chicago screening will include a live Q&A with Stephenie Meyer, Max Irons, and Jake Abel. The Minneapolis screening will include a live Q&A with Max Irons and Jake Abel.

February 18th at 7:30pm

February 20th at 7pm

Los Angeles 
February 20th at 6:30 pm
*No Q&A for this screening*

February 21st at 7:30pm

St. Louis Park, MN
February 26th at 5pm

March 8th at 6pm

March 9th at 7pm

Los Angeles
March 15th at 7pm
March 16th at 7pm

Re-Read: Chapter Fifty Two- Separated

"You think that if you can make yourself disappear, 
that will stop me?"

As Jared and Wanda bring their plundered good back into the caves, Wanda main concern is the Seeker might catch onto their plan and try to destroy herself and the host. When they reach the hospital, Wanda finds Doc preparing for the procedure, laying out the necessary equipment on his desk. Doc is relieved to see the pair and brightens when Jared presents him with two full cases of Heal and tells him that they found an easier way to procure medical supplies than having Wanda stab herself. Jared is confused when Doc does not laugh at the joke and when he catches him exchange a piercing look with Wanda. Wanda relays to Doc they were able to obtain ten cryotanks as Jared roughly pulls the rest of the supplies into the room. She is not concerned he will damage the tanks as they are made from no element found on Earth and were constructed to withstand abuse from interstellar travel.

Wanda wonders about Jeb, Brandt, and Aaron's reaction to her term as Doc examines the tanks. Though he tells her they are in agreement, she is not convinced and tells him she will not show him the procedure unless she is sure. Jared stares at the pair confused and Doc wonders how much Wanda has told him. She relays to Doc that Jared knows of her plan to save the Seeker and turns to him to let him in on a little more of her terms.
"Doc has promised me that if I show him how to perform the separation, you will give the released souls safe conduct to another life on another planet. No killing."

Get Your Passes for 'The Host' Washington D.C. Screening

Attention Washington D.C. fans! Would you like to see a screening of The Host followed by a Q&A with Stephenie Meyer, Max Irons & Jake Abel? Here's your chance.

The screening is on Wednesday, February 20th at the AMC Georgetown in Washington D.C.

Click on this link and enter the RSVP code- FC77FZ. You will need to create a Gofobo account to claim your tickets. Free screenings are on a first come, first serve basis and having a ticket does not guarantee entry into the theater.

Check out Twilight Lexicon for passes to Miami and Philadelphia screenings here.

New 'The Host' Trailer

A third trailer for The Host debuted during the Live Google Hangout earlier this afternoon. To be honest, I missed most of it since Max Irons and Saoirse Ronan were a little distracting on the bottom of the Hangout screen. Check out the new trailer below.

Check out screen caps for the new trailer here.

'The Host' Google Hangout with Stephenie Meyer, Max Irons, Jake Abel & Saoirse Ronan

Relive all the charm and hilarity of The Host Google Hangout.


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

New Picture of Shawn Carter Peterson on Set

Frances Fisher strikes again! Fisher has been sharing pictures from the set for months and her latest includes Shawn Cater Peterson (Wes) and William Hurt (Jeb).

Follow @Frances_Fisher & @ShawnTheMaestro for more!


New Image of 'The Host' Restorative Canisters

The Soul Center on Tumblr shared a new image of the restorative canisters used in The Host. You can see them in use in the official trailer and Seeker behind the scenes video.

"Our restorative canisters- Clean, Heal, Seal, Peace, No Pain- keep our citizens happy and healthy."

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

'The Host' Signings with Stephenie Meyer, Max Irons & Jake Abel

Information for a few signings with Stephenie Meyer, Max Irons, and Jake Abel has been popping up over the last few days. Instead of creating a new post for each on, all new information will now be included here. New dates and locations will be added as they are announced. Each location will have their own set of guidelines, so be sure to check out their individual event pages.

*Details are still emerging about these events so keep check back here for the latest.

Friday, March 8th
Minneapolis, MI
Special Event with Imagine Dragons

Monday, March 11th at 2pm
Anderson's Bookshop
Naperville, IL
There will be a priority waiting line for those customers who show a Barnes & Noble receipt for purchase of THE HOST or THE HOST: THE OFFICIAL ILLUSTRATED MOVIE COMPANION.
Check out all the details here.
This is a ticketed event.

Tuesday, March 12th at 2pm
Barnes & Noble- Lincoln Park
Dallas, TX
There will be a priority waiting line for those customers who show a Barnes & Noble receipt for purchase of THE HOST or THE HOST: THE OFFICIAL ILLUSTRATED MOVIE COMPANION.
Check out all the details here.
This is a ticketed event.

Friday, March 15th at 2pm
Barnes & Noble at the Grove
Los Angeles, CA
Saoirse Ronan, Max Irons, Jake Abel, and Diane Kruger will be in attendance at this event.
There will be a priority waiting line for those customers who show a Barnes & Noble receipt for purchase of THE HOST or THE HOST: THE OFFICIAL ILLUSTRATED MOVIE COMPANION.
Check out all the details here.
Wristband distribution begins at 9am on 3/15. 

RSVP to individual events here. This does not guarantee you a spot in line. Each location will have a different set of procedures, so read up and check with the bookstore/library before heading out.

New Poster with Four Main Characters


Stephenie Meyer Book Signing in Coral Gables, Florida

Stephenie Meyer will be in Coral Gables, FL next Tuesday, February 19th at Books & Books. Though it will not guarantee you a place in line, the store asks that guests RSVP to the event on Facebook.

The store will have all of Meyer's books available to purchase, including copes of the movie tie-in edition of The Host. Meyer will sign two books, but only personalize copies of The Host. Guests who purchase a copy of The Host at the store will also receive a mini-movie poster.

Meyer will only be signing books at the event, so please do not bring any other memorabilia (shoes, pictures, t-shirts, posters, etc.). Photographs are allowed, but they must be in passing and not posed.

Check out all the details and RSVP on Facebook.

'The Host' Valentine's Day E-Cards

The Host's Facebook page posted Valentine e-cards for fans to share. Check out all 6 cards here and if you need a few more, I also created a few Host Valentine cards.