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Now That You've Seen 'The Host'...Let Me Know What You Think!

Fans of The Host have eagerly awaited the movie's release and it is hard to believe it is finally here! Showtimes begin tonight at 9 and I'm sure some fans are already making their way to the theater. I saw the movie twice last month and again this week, but have not really had the chance to discuss it with many people. I am curious to see how fans and general moviegoers react to the movie and would love to hear your opinions.

Below are a couple starting points, but feel free to discuss whatever you would like. Obviously there will be spoilers in the comments, so read them at your own risk.

Discussion Questions:

1. Did you read The Host prior to seeing the movie?

2. Are you a Stephenie Meyer/ Twilight fan?

3. Overall rating on a 5 star scale?

4. Favorite/least favorite character(s) or actor(s)?

5. If you read the book, how successful do you think the movie is as an adaptation?

6. If you read the book, what changes did you like? Anything left out you would have like to see?

7. If you have not read the book, do you think the movie is successful for non-fans?

8. Were the filmmakers/Saoirse Ronan successful in portraying two separate characters?

9. Comments the costumes, sets, cinematography, score, etc.

10. Would you watch a sequel?

These are just starter questions and you do not have to address all of them in your response. Everyone opinions are valued, so please be respectful of each other and keep your language clean.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

New Clip Montage from Hollywood Crush

*Hollywood Crush discovered the song featured in the video is "To Build a Home" by The Cinematic Orchestra. You can also view the video on YouTube.

Hollywood Crush also has four images from the movie (nothing entirely new).


POPSUGAR Interview with Max Irons & Jake Abel


Imagine Dragons Music Video- "Radioactive (The Dirty Trees Remix)"

The Host- Choose to Listen album is available for download today and includes a remix of Imagine Dragon's "Radioactive," which has been heavily featured in promotions for The Host. The video mostly includes scenes from the various trailers and tv spots, but there are a few new ones, including a moment between Melanie and Jamie.

There are also SPOILERS towards the end of the video, so if you want to remain in the dark, I would suggest not watching this until you see the movie.

The Host- Choose to Listen is now available for download and you can find all the details here.


New Interviews with Writer/Director Andrew Niccol

In interviews with MSN and Backstage, writer/director Andrew Niccol discusses his approach to science fiction, The Host being his first adaptation, having no plan B after Saoirse Ronan, and lengthening shots because of audience reactions.

Monday, March 25, 2013

New Spot from Regal Cinemas

Check out the new spot from Regal Cinemas, including new scenes and review snippets.


Fandango's "Weekend Ticket" with Saoirse Ronan

The interview with Saoirse Ronan begins around the 2:16 mark.


Cast Interviews with AMC Theaters


New 'The Host' TV Spot

This new tv spot from Teen Vogue features a new song and scenes from the movie, as well as quotes from reviews of the movie.


Stephenie Meyer Talks 'The Host' on Good Morning America


Saoirse Ronan & Stephenie Meyer Pick the Celebrity They Would Like to Occupy


MTV Rough Cut with Stephenie Meyer


MTV Rough Cut with Max Irons & Jake Abel


MTV Rough Cut with Saoirse Ronan


New Clip- Melanie Defends the Ones She Loves


Wednesday, March 20, 2013

US Weekly- Meet the Men of 'The Host'

The video includes behind the scenes footage of The Host photo shoot with Max Irons, Jake Abel, Boyd Holbrook, and Saoirse Ronan. There are also a few interview snippets with Ronan and Stephenie Meyer.

Writer/Director Andrew Niccol Discusses 'The Host' with Film Journal

While Stephenie Meyer and the cast of The Host have been making their rounds to discuss the movie, there has been very little with writer/director Andrew Niccol. Film Journal International had the opportunity to speak with Niccol over the phone and discussed his initial reaction to the novel, casting Saoirse Ronan, working with Stephenie Meyer, and the possibility of returning for sequels.

Niccol's initial reaction to the novel:
"I loved it straightaway. We always talk about those internal conflicts within characters; in this story it's literally true, the fact that there are two spirits in one body."
On casting Saoirse Ronan:
"I find her a very truthful, empathetic actor. Because she's playing an alien being, she had to be very likable, and Saoirse is impossible not to like."
Working with Stephenie Meyer:
"What I love about her is after doing all the Twilight movies, she understands the process. She cares about the book, but she's not precious and knows they're different animals."
On making changes from page to screen:
"When Meyer did nix a change, it often had to do with the two as-yet-unwritten sequels to The Host. Niccol decided that Jake should strum a guitar and sing, even hiring a composer to write the tune. 'I brought it to Stephenie and she said, 'No, music plays an important part in the next book, you have to take it out.' I had to take the guitar away from Jake..."
Will Niccol return for possible sequels?:
"Niccol will likely make more movies between now and the sequel to The Host, and it's unclear if he'll be involved, though he expresses interest. 'They're great characters to keep exploring. The story is very rich and it's a grander theme than her previous work. With Stephenie, it's always going to be a love story, but here it's a greater love: It's about whether we can coexist with each other, even with an alien being. I thought it was a beautiful theme to explore.'"
Read the article in its entirety here.

New 'The Host' Combo Poster

This new image is a composite of the "Choose to Believe" and "Choose to Fight" posters. This is the first time the four leads have appeared together in an image/poster.


New 'The Host' Trailer- "Soulmates"


Diane Kruger Talks Contacts, Wearing White in the Desert & What Drew Her to the Project

Check out the interview here.

Jake the Movie Guy Talks 'The Host' with the Cast


'The Host' Premiere

Instead of having a bunch on individual posts, most videos, photos, and articles related to the premiere will be listed below. Keep checking back for more. 


Sugarscape- Stephenie Meyer and the Cast
MTV- Premiere Pics
The Host Facebook- Premiere Pics
Just Jared- After Party Pics
IMDb- Premiere Pics


'The Host' Cast Talk Their Favorite Sci-Fi Movies & Meeting Stephenie Meyer for the First Time

A few other things of note: Max Irons finds showers stressful (below) and Frances Fisher is a chicken whisperer. Good things to know.

Check out the interview here.


Monday, March 18, 2013

Sixth Clip- "Stop Your Vehicle"

In the latest clip, "Stop Your Vehicle," Aaron (Lee Hardee) and Brandt (Mustafa Harris) try to outrun the seekers when they are discovered on the road. Max Irons (Jared) and Boyd Holbrook (Kyle) are also featured in the clip.

Check out "Stop Your Vehicle" from Rotten Tomatoes.

What to Watch While You Wait for 'The Host'

The Host hits theaters in less than two weeks, and while it is fun to watch the trailer and clips over and over and over, you have to take a break at some point.

The cast and crew of The Host have been involved in some wonderful movies over the years and there is no time like the present to get to know their work a little better. Below is just a sampling of movies they have worked on and hopefully one or two will help you pass the time until March 29th.

The Amazing Spider-Man
Ve Neill- Makeup Head

Saoirse Ronan- Melanie Stryder/ Wanderer

Being Julia
Max Irons- Jared Howe
(Blink and you might miss him!)

Blue Valentine
Erin Benach- Costume Designer

Children of a Lesser God
William Hurt- Jeb Stryder

Crazy, Stupid, Love. 
Mindy Marin- Casting Director

'The Host- Choose to Listen' Soundtrack Listing

It looks like fans are in for a double serving of music when it comes to The Host. It was previously announced that Antonio Pinto's score, along with "Radioactive" by Imagine Dragons, would be released on March 26th and now it looks like fans will also be treated to a companion album.

Titled The Host- Choose to Listen, the album will previously unreleased tracks by numerous artists, as well as a remix of Imagine Dragons song that has now become synonymous with the movie (Listen to the remix here). The album, also out March 26th, will be released by KIDinaKORNER/Interscope Records and is executive produced by Alex Da Kid and Stephenie Meyer.

Like the score, this album will only be available for digital download in the US. The album will be available from Amazon here (includes digital booklet).

The album will also be available for download through here.

1. Soul Outside- Antonio Pinto
2. Chasing Rubies (Acoustic)- Hudson Taylor
3. Big Ticket- Duologue
4. Slowly Freaking Out- Skylar Grey
5. Making Time- Jamie N Commons
6. Lost- Die Mason Die
7. Evening Ceremony- Active Child
8. Hanging On- Ellie Goulding
9. Litost- X Ambassadors
10. Radioactive (The Dirty Trees Remix)- Imagine Dragons


Stephenie Meyer & the Cast Discuss 'The Host' with Entertainment Tonight


Saturday, March 16, 2013

New On Set Interviews with 'The Host' Producers

Check out a new batch of on set interviews with The Host producers Stephenie Meyer, Nick Wechsler, and Steve & Paula Mae Schwartz. Some of the videos are being a little difficult and I try to fix them if the problem persists.

*I have not had the opportunity to watch all of the videos and cannot comment on spoilers.


New On Set Interviews with the Cast

Check out new on set interviews with the cast & producers of The Host. Interviews with the cast include Saoirse Ronan, Max Iron, Jake Abel, Boyd Holbrook, William Hurt, and Chandler Canterbury. I had some difficulty watching the second Ronan and William Hurt videos. I will try to fix them if the problem persists.
*I have not watched all the interviews, so I cannot comment on spoilers.*

Watch 'The Host' Premiere LIVE with Celebuzz's Exclusive Webcast

For those fans not lucky enough to be in LA for the premiere of The Host (myself included), you can watch the premiere via Celebuzz's LIVE webcast.

The live broadcast will begin Tuesday, March 19th at 6pm PT/9pm ET and include interviews, bonus clips, and giveaways. Fans can also submit their questions for the cast using #TheHostLive.


How Fans Can Attend 'The Host' Premiere

How would you like to attend the premiere of The Host? Well, 200 fans will have the opportunity to do just that. The world premiere of The Host will take place Tuesday, March 19th at the Cinerama Dome in Hollywood, CA. Below are all the details provided to me about the event.

200 lucky fans will have the opportunity to earn tickets to the premiere screening of The Host. The first 200 fans to line up at the Cinerama Dome WITH A COPY OF THE HOST NOVEL will receive a ticket to attend the world premiere of The Host. You must be one of the first 200 people in line AND bring a copy of the novel to get a ticket. You will not be asked to turn in your copy of the novel, they just want to see it.

In addition, the first 70 fans in line will receive access to the VIP fan viewing area on the red carpet.

Important info:
1. The fan one begins at 2pm PT on Tuesday March 19th. There will be signage at the corner of Sunset Blvd and Ivar Ave indicating where the line will begin.

2. Please note- there will not be an opportunity to leave the line before the premiere begins. (Restroom breaks are permitted as long as someone holds your place in line.)

3. Premiere tickets (access to the premiere) and wristbands (access to the VIP viewing area) will be distributed at approximately 5:30pm PT.

4. The VIP fan viewing area will be opened to those with wristbands at approximately 6pm PT.

5. Fans/attendees must follow the rules and directions of SEM security at all times.

If you are unable to attend the premiere, you can still watch it live via beginning at 6:30pm PST/9:30pm EST. You can also view the live stream on The Host's Facebook and Twitter pages. Tweet your questions for the live stream using #TheHostLive and tune in to see if your question is answered by the cast.

*If you have any questions, leave them in the comments below and I will try to get an answer for you.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Max Irons Talks 'The Host' on Good Day LA

Los Angeles Local News, Weather, and Traffic


Fifth Clip (Again) from MTV's Hollywood Crush

Entertainment Tonight debuted a new clip from The Host yesterday preceding a new look behind the scenes of the movie. MTV has also released this new clip, but without the intrusive ET logo. Check out the clip (again) below.

Check out the YouTube version here.


Win a Personal Screening of 'The Host' from AMC Theaters

You might be planning to see The Host at midnight or even at a more reasonable hour on March 29th, but AMC Theaters is giving one lucky fan (and 50 of their friends) the chance to win a personal screening of the movie at 7pm on March 28th.

How to win:
1. Be available on March 28th at 7pm to see The Host at an AMC near you. 

2. Click this link to find tickets for The Host at an AMC near you. 

3. At the top of this page, there's a place to Like, Tweet, or +1 the giveaway. Do any of those things. 

4. Fill out the form here

5. Cross your fingers. Wish upon a star. Buy a rabbit's foot. 

Check out all the details here. The giveaway end at 11:59pm CT on March 25th.

Fifth Clip Plus Behind the Scenes Interviews with the Cast

The fifth clip from The Host features a sweet dance between Jared and Melanie and a little something more. The video from Entertainment Tonight also features a behind the scenes look at the movie, as well as interviews with Stephenie Meyer and the cast.


Thursday, March 14, 2013

Win a Copy of 'The Host' & 'The Host Illustrated Movie Companion'

The Host will be hitting theaters in two weeks and there is nothing like a giveaway to get everyone's excitement into high gear. Up for grabs this time around are The Host novel, The Host Illustrated Movie Companion, and The Host novel (Movie Tie-In edition).

One grand prize winner will recieve The Host novel and the Illustrated Movie Companion, which includes exclusive photos from the movie and behind the scenes information.

The second winner will receive the Movie Tie-In edition of the novel, which includes the movie poster as the cover, as well as a few additional movie stills on the back cover.

There are several ways to enter to win:
1.  Follow @HostMovieFans on Twitter

2. Tweet this message (Daily entry): Enter to win #TheHost novel & Movie Companion from @HostMovieFans

3. Leave a comment on this post about your favorite character from the novel or the actor you are looking forward to seeing in the movie.

Do not forget to log your entries on the Rafflecopter widget below. Task #2 can be completed daily.

The giveaway begins March 14th and ends March 27th. Two winners will be selected and contacted shortly after the giveaway ends. Winners will be given a few days to respond. If they do not respond on time, a new winner will be chosen and contacted. This giveaway is limited to US residents only.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The Host hits theaters on Friday, March 29th. Find showtimes and purchase advanced tickets here.

Fourth Clip from 'The Host' - "You're Human"

Yahoo! has a new exclusive clip from The Host titled "You're Human." Fans of the book know this comes from Chapter 4 and it is actually one of my favorite parts.


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Third Clip from 'The Host'- "It"

SheKnows Entertainment debuted a brand new clip from The Host featuring Jared and Ian arguing over Wanda's motives . The ad that plays before the video is large, but once the video begins, it is an appropriate size. You can watch the video after the break or here.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Max Irons & Jake Abel on Fox 32 in Chicago

Chicago News and Weather | FOX 32 News


New Stephenie Meyer Interview from The Rush


New TV Spot


Max Irons & Jake Abel Talk 'The Host' with Hit Zone

Hit Zone had the opportunity to speak to Max Irons and Jake Abel last Friday about The Host and gave a very convincing exchange on why fans should see the movie.

*Spoiler Alert! Irons' answer to "What do you think is the most powerful scene that conveys the message of the whole movie?" contains a pretty big spoiler for the movie (this scene does not appear in the book).*

If you could be the Host in someone else's body that is living today, who would it be?
Max: J-Ja
Jake: Max Irons. There I beast you to it, can't say me now.
Max: I wasn't going to say Jake! I was gonna say Jay-Z. I don't know why, he's cool, I like him. We've got no one like him in England.
Jake: Uhh Blue Ivy, you'd make a good dad. I'd either grow up being super talented or super useless because my expectations are so high. Think about it, you ever think about it? That kid has got a lot...

Did you act out the characters as they were in the book or did you put your own spin on them?
Max: I read the book before. What I think is best to do is take what you want and what helps you from the book and then the script becomes your bible. You've all kinda got to be on the same page because there were scenes and there were characters and moments that were lost, and scenes and moments and characters that were kept and focused on. So I think the script has to be your thing.
Jake: I think Andrew Niccol (the director of the movie), I think he sort of took the strongest points, of each person and boiled them down. In the end, I think the movie is a bit stronger, which I like. But still as sensitive.

Why should people see the movie, according to you?
Max: There's a bit of something for everyone. There's explosions, there's kissing.
Jake: Kissing in the rain!
Max: There's fighting!
Jake: There's fighting, there's explosions, there's chrome...
Max: There's dancing!
Jake: There's chrome helicopters...
Max: There's sexy moments!
Jake: There's sexy moments which are also dirty because we live in a cave! There's danger!
Max: Jake Abel
Jake: Max Irons...The Host, March 29th.

Check out the entire interview here and another reminder, there are spoilers!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Second Clip from 'The Host' - "A Love Like That"

Below is the second clip from The Host titled "A Love Like That." Featured in the clip are Saoirse Ronan and William Hurt, one of my favorites in the movie.


Max Irons & Jake Abel Hang with Imagine Dragons

Max Irons and Jake Abel stopped by Imagine Dragon's sold out show in Minneapolis last week. The band's song "Radioactive" is featured on The Host soundtrack, which will be available for download on March 26th.

Photo credit: Tony Nelson

First Clip from 'The Host'- "Come With Us"

Check out the first clip from The Host titled "Come With Us," which shows Melanie's attempt at escape from the Seekers. Parts of this sequence have been featured in various trailers and behind the scenes videos.


New Interview with Max Irons & Jake Abel


New Batch of Stills from 'The Host'

*The final picture is a bit of a SPOILER. Look at your own risk.* 

Diane Kruger Covers Flare Magazine

Diane Kruger graces the cover of Flare magazine's April issue and inside, Kruger discusses what drew her to The Host and author Stephenie Meyer shares a few "icy" words about the actress.

Stephenie Meyer on Diane Kruger's portrayal of the Seeker:
"Really pleasantly terrifying. Diane just can do this icy thing, but at the same time cover it up with, like, that warm, 'Oh, how are you?'"
Diane Kruger on the Seeker's "emotional turbulance":
"She's so complex. She has that Stepford Wife-y kind of niceness yet there is so much more underlying there: rage and anger."
Check out the entire article and photos from the magazine here.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Max Irons & Jake Abel Interview at the Mall of America


'The Host' Featured in the Latest Episode of 'Starz Studios'

The latest episode of Starz Studios features a sneak peek of The Host, including clips and interviews with Stephenie Meyer and the cast. Check out the upcoming showtimes below and set a reminder here. Additional showtimes may be added, so keep an eye out on your local listings.

Sunday, March 10th
STARZ at 3pm

Monday, March 11th
STARZ at 6am
STARX at 1:45pm

Tuesday, March 12th
STARZ Cinema at 12:55pm

Wednesday, March 13th
STARZ in Black at 3:45am
STARZ Cinema at 6:55am
STARZ in Black at 3:50pm

Thursday, March 14th
STARZ at 2:40am
STARZ in Black at 5:00am
STARZ at 10:20am 

*All times ET/PT


Check-In to 'The Host' for an Exclusive Sticker

Head over to GetGlue and check-in to The Host for an exclusive Melanie/Wanda sticker.
Unlock this limited sticker here and check out all the upcoming stickers here.


Saturday, March 9, 2013

Max Irons on Learning to Drive for 'The Host' & Giant Inflatable Lobsters

Speaking with the Daily Mail, Max Irons shared a few antidotes about learning to drive for The Host, Twilight level fame, Kevin Spacey and an inflatable lobster, and many more.

Learning to drive on the set of The Host
"I wasn't scared of the fight scenes but I was terrified of crashing and hurting Saoirse (Ronan, his co-star). I'd never actually driven before. I was put in a World War II jeep and told to drive across this range in the desert as fast as I could. I did it, which was pretty bad, and when I got back, they put Saoirse in the car next to me and said: 'Now do it again.' I could see her dad eyeballing me in my peripheral vision. All I could think about was what they hell would happen if I crashed and something happened to her. 
Reaching Twilight level fame
"The Host is very much in the same vein as Twilight, and there's clearly a huge fan base out there. But I can't imagine myself being as huge as Robert Pattinson. I'm not sure I could handle that level of fame. 
Kevin Spacey and the terrifying inflatable lobster
"As a kid I don't remember being surrounded by celebrities. My parents aren't like that. They have a few friends in the business, but I never thought of them as famous people. Kevin Spacey was a great friend of my mum's and he came to stay after he'd been working on a movie, and he brought me back a giant inflatable lobster. When I saw it I was so terrified I burst into tears. I never associated him with being famous; I only ever associated him with that terrible lobster. 
Check out the entire article here.

Plan a Premiere Party & Win a 'Host' Prize Pack

Advanced tickets for The Host went on sale yesterday, so it is time to start planning your premiere party. Over on Pinterest, The Host Film  is offering fans the chance to win a prize pack for The Host. 

There are a few steps to follow to be entered for the prize:
1. Follow The Host on Pinterest.
2. Create a board called "The Host Premiere Party."
3. Pin this image to the board (can be found on The Host's board).
4. Pin photos to answer the rest of the questions about your premiere party.

The contest ends on March 22nd at 11:59 PST and one winner will be selected at random. *US only*

Check out all the details here.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Max Irons & Jake Abel Talk 'The Host' on KARE 11

Continuing their Host tour, Max Irons and Jake Abel sat down with KARE 11 in Minneapolis to discuss the movie. The boys talk about Jared and Ian's relationships with Saorise Ronan's characters and the physical aspects of their roles.


Thursday, March 7, 2013

New TV Spot

Check out a new tv spot from & Fandango. This is my favorite tv spot so far and I love the Jeb voiceover.


'The Host' Fan Mix from Pandora & Spotify

While The Host score will be out later this month, Pandora has put together a mix tape featuring songs from Metric, Sleigh Bells, The Black Keys, Nine Inch Nails, and more.

Check out all their selections here.

Earlier this month, @TheHostFilm asked for fan suggestions for a The Host Fan Mix. The mix is now up on Spotify and includes Imagine Dragons, Paramore, Snow Patrol & Martha Wainwright, The Lumineers, and more.

Check out the fan mix here.


Frances Fisher Shares More Images from the Set

Frances Fisher, the queen of on set photos, strikes again. Fisher, who plays Maggie Stryder in the movie, shared five new images from the set of The Host. 

Follow @Frances_Fisher for more.