Friday, February 15, 2013

Stephenie Meyer Talks 'The Host' Sequels and Love Square

With The Host a little more than a month away, press is going to be kicking into high gear. Stephenie Meyer took some time to speak with the press yesterday following the release of the third trailer.

There are spoilers in the interview pertaining to the book and specifically the ending. Below is an excerpt from the interview and you can read the entire transcript here.

Is there anyone from the movie- any of the actors- that pulled off the performance that you think is really closest to how you pictured the character when you wrote the book?

Yeah, all of them did a pretty good job. The top honors have to go to Saoirse, particularly for her portrayal of Wanda. I think Melanie was a little bit easier for her because she kind of relates to that girl, but Wanda's not even human. And wow, does she create this person, this entity. And it really did, for me, most encapsulate this character, who really could like like anyone. So the looks aren't such a big thing, but she just has that other-worldly persona, where she is just alien. It's amazing.

You touched on this briefly before. You have some wonderful veteran powerhouse actors in this film, such as William Hurt playing Uncle Jeb and Frances Fisher playing Maggie. Can you talk about what they bring to the movie?

So much. Oh my gosh. It's really amazing. Frances Fisher has a smaller role than William Hurt, but she's really fantastic in everything she does. But William has a meatier role, and he gets to the thoughtful center of the movie. Here's the person who's been around the longest and seen the most and comes up with his own philosophy on life. Every time he's in a scene, it's like "Ahh" angel lights descending on it. It's amazing. I think people are just going to adore him as Jeb. I think that might be the most true to the novel, looks, the sound of his voice, the way he does things. I think people are going to be like, "Yes, there's no one else who could ever do this but him."

Check out the entire interview here.


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