Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Enter to Win a Copy of 'The Host'

UPDATE: Thank you to everyone who took a detour to the blog and entered the giveaway. The winners have been selected and notified. Congratulations to the winners and be on the lookout for more giveaways in the future.

Host fans were just treated to a first look at Jake Abel as Ian O'Shea, so why not keep the goodies coming? I have FIVE copies of The Host to give away and one of them could be yours. Entering is easy, just fill out the form below and cross your fingers. The giveaway ends Monday, July 2nd and is limited to U.S. residents. Check out other giveaways here.

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While you're here, check out the latest news:

New Images and Interview with Jake Abel (Ian O'Shea)

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The Host: The Official Illustrated Movie Companion is Now Available for Pre-Order

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

New Images and Interview with Jake Abel (Ian O'Shea)

From Entertainment Weekly:

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: So tell me about Ian.JAKE ABEL: Ian’s one of the last remaining humans, part of the human resistance that’s trying to survive this alien invasion. He and his brother escaped being captured together and found Jeb’s cave out in the desert, and that’s pretty much where he’s resided ever since. He’s been struggling to survive along with the rest of the people in our colony. When Wanda comes, there’s the initial mistrust and fear. But through her actions, she slowly starts to teach us things that we weren’t aware of, and because of that my feelings for her start to change.
It’s kind of like a love quadrangle.
Yeah, a love box [laughing], between my feelings for Wanda, the alien inside the body, and Jared’s feelings for Melanie, the human who he’s known, whom Ian has never known. Ian has only known this alien.
What is that like to play? I know that’s tricky for Saoirse, but you’re dealing with essentially two different characters. 
I was really lucky. It was much easier for me than for Max and Saoirse, because my scenes with Saoirse were mostly with her as Wanda. So the physicality we created for both of us was just that: For me, that entity was just Wanda. Andrew Niccol and I [discussed] that Ian was much more evolved than most people in the cave, second to Jeb. His biggest muscles were his heart and his brain. He’s able to understand that yes, Jared may love the human, but he hates the alien. [Ian] has grown to understand [the alien], and through understanding, grown to love her.
When you signed on to the film, were you the kind of actor who, if you hadn’t read the book, you devoured it, or did you want to stay away from it so you built your own character?
This is my fourth or fifth film that’s been an adaptation of a book, and I hate to admit it, but this is the first one I’d read before filming the movie. Usually I kind of keep the script [as] the bible and base everything off of that. But I think Stephenie probably had a big hand in Andrew’s adaptation of her book. I knew that they were going to try to keep as close as possible and I knew the book would give me much more backstory — just because of the capacity a book can hold — than the script could give me. So I did just crash through the book in a few days. I learned some stuff, and then some stuff changed in the movie, and it all came together, and I was really happy with what we came up with for Ian.
Check out the entire interview here

Friday, June 8, 2012

Read Stephenie Meyer's Previously Unreleased Introduction for 'The Host'

While the movie may be a ways off, The Host fans are in for a treat today. A previously unreleased introduction to the novel has been released by iVillage. You can read the excerpt and a few chapters below or download it here.

THE HOST by Stephenie Meyer, the author of THE TWILIGHT SAGA. Read the excerpt. In theaters 3/29!

'The Host: The Official Illustrated Movie Companion' Available for Pre-Order

UPDATE: The Host movie companion is now available from Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

You might want to make some room on your shelf. According to Amazon, The Host: The Official Illustrated Movie Companion will be available January 1, 2013. The book is penned by Mark Cotta Vaz, the author behind the Twilight movie companions. You can also pre-order it through Barnes and Noble.

The movie tie-in novel is set for release on January 8, 2013 and available for pre-order.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Re-read: Chapter Eighteen- Bored

"No one is every sorry for hitting Kyle."

With very little interaction with others and the silence that filled the days, Wanderer begins to lose track of time. Between Wanderer and Melanie, they have ran out of topics to discusses and take turns flashing through their memories to pass the time. Jeb returns to take her on another walk, but Jared jumps to the task this time around. Unlike Jeb, Jared makes no concessions for her as she travels blindly through the caves. With her arms out in front of her, she attempts to make her way and on occasion touches Jared as she feels for the surrounding rock. He jumps at her touch and carries on without a word. 

As Wanderer reaches the washroom again, she thinks Jared would be unaffected if the current in the spring were to claim her, but Melanie disagrees with her assessment. Jared barks at her to head back to the cave where Jeb is waiting with two bedrolls. Jared claims only one bedroll is needed and though Jeb is saddened by this cruelty, he goes along with Jared's decision. He unrolls the mat right at the entrance of her prison and threatens to kill Wanderer if she tries to get past him, though she was happy to stay isolated if it meant avoiding those that wished to harm her. 

Days or weeks could pass, but in their isolation, Wanderer and Melanie have no way of knowing. Jared begins to intercept their meals from Jeb and it has been days since Wanderer has spoken to another person. Their meals were always the same with bread, soup, and vegetables, but Jared was often treated to packaged snacks like Pop-Tarts and Red Vines. 

On occasion, others would venture down to the secluded cave, including Kyle and his threats. This time, the somewhat less menacing Ian O'Shea came down to talk with Jared. Sitting down with her guard, Wanderer overhears Ian tell Jared that the Seekers and others called of their search for her. Ian hesitates before relaying information about one particular Seeker who carries a Glock. When the search for Wanderer was called off, this particular Seeker was visibly not happy about the situation. Upon hearing Ian's story, Wanderer hisses and cowers against the back wall of her cell, attracting the attention of Ian and Jared. They gaze inside the cave and Ian notices the frightened look in her eyes. Jared demands to know about the Seeker in black, but Wanderer cannot answer. Climbing into the cave, he crosses the distance until he is kneeling in front of her.

"'Tell me what you know,' he ordered."