Thursday, February 28, 2013

Shawn Carter Peterson (Wes) Enjoyed Reading 'The Host' On Set

Jamie Ruby from SciFi Vision had the opportunity to speak to Shawn Cater Peterson (Wes) about The Host, including  his audition, reading the novel on set, his favorite scene to film, and getting close to his co-stars.

On his audition:
"I put myself on tape for one of my representatives and I auditioned for one of the two leads, actually, the Kyle character. And then they liked my audition and they asked me to come to meet with Andrew Niccol and the casting director, and they were considering me for Wes. So I went in and got to do it live and memorized for them, and got the job."

Reading the novel on set:
"I read the book during the shoot, because it was a nice long shoot so I had a little time to get down with it."

Favorite, or rather, second favorite scene to film:
"I can tell you my second favorite scene to film, which was a rescue scene that I did with Jake Abel. We were rescuing Boyd Holbrook's character (Kyle), he was with Saiorse. And there's a big, huge underground river that they built, which was pretty, pretty awesome. And when it was time to get it shot they rushed thousands and thousands of gallons of water."

Getting close to his co-stars:
"I actually got really close with Boyd Holbrook, who's really, really cool. He and I were really cool. Frances Fisher, she was like the matriarch of the group, just like she was when she played Maggie in the film. She was really, really down to earth and really, really cool. So we would all kick it in between teaks. It was like a big family."

Check out the entire interview here.

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