Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Stephenie Meyer- 'The Host' Sequel Feels Like "An Overdue Library Book"

After making her way up the east coast, Stephenie Meyer headed to Vancouver for more Host events. While there, Meyer spoke with Georgia Straight about possible sequels, her writing process, and writing for herself. 

Fans of The Host have been waiting patiently for a sequel since the book's release in 2008, and while Stephenie Meyer has confirmed she is indeed working on a sequel, fans will have to wait a little longer before they can crack it open. One of the biggest obstacles the sequel faces is the amount of time Meyer has spent on film sets, including Twilight, The Host, and Austenland, and the projects' promotional tours. At this point, the sequel "feels very an over due library book just sitting there racking up fines." Another obstacle Meyer faces is her own writing style.
"I've just been writing The Host novels chronologically, which actually drives me nuts. With the Twilight novels, I did a lot of jumping around in the story, which I think is a little bit easier, so I need to try and break out of my cycle."
As the Twilight series went on, Meyer took on an increasing role in production and serves as a producer on The Host and Austenland, which premiered at Sundance in January, through Fickle Fish Films. With her new role, Meyer notes she had to build her confidence since she is a "shy person at heart." Though fan expectations are a constant presence, it is important for Meyer to write for herself, saying "If I listened to what I was supposed to do, Twilight would not have been the same novel, so I think you just tell the story to yourself until you're really happy with it and then worry about all the nonsense."

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