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Re-Read: Chapter Thirty Five- Tried

"I think Ian likes you too much."

Wanda wakes in a strange room feeling slightly nauseated. When she asks Ian where she is, he is reluctant to say she is in the O'Shea's old room. The two also exchange words concerning the upcoming tribunal for Kyle and while Ian does not understand why Wanda wants to lie for Kyle, he agrees to take her when it is time. Wanda does not go back to sleep when Ian goes to get them food, but stares at the slices of visible sky, hoping her stomach would be settled enough to eat. 

Ian asks after her when he returns and she tells him she is feeling a little better. He wonders if it is her reacting to the morphine or Melanie's body. Wanda tells him it is Melanie, who reacts badly to most painkillers. It is odd for Ian, dealing with two people at once and Wanda is inclined to agree. Ian hands her a bread roll and she takes a small bite to see how her stomach will react. In between bites, Ian offers her something more appealing. Wanda hears the crackle and rip of the bag before the very distinct smell hits her nose. 
"Cheetos! Really? For me?"
As soon as Ian hands over the bag, Wanda tears into its contents and chases it with the rest of her roll and a bottle of water. 
"Thank you. For more than the Cheetos, you know. For so much."
"You're more than welcome, Wanda."

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Re-Read: Chapter Thirty Four- Buried

"Um, medically speaking, I'm not sure that was the most helpful thing for his condition."

Without hesitation, Jared punches Kyle and knock him unconscious. Wes wonders what happened between Wanda and Kyle and Wanda once again denies that he tried to kill her. 
"Altruism seems to come more naturally to it than lies."
This time Jared's words set Wanda off, pointedly asking him if he is trying be annoying (with some success). She also explicitly tells them that she is female and the 'it' business is wearing on her nerves. When Jared asks if it is because of the body she wears, Wanda tells him that she is in fact female by human definition. 
"In my species, I am the one that beats young. Is that not female enough for you?"
Jared has no comeback for this and Melanie expresses her solidarity with Wanda over the issue. Cautiously Wes asks Wanda how reproduction works with the Souls, if it is not a red question. There are only a few Souls who have the potential to be Mothers. Wanda likens them to Queen bees, there being one Mother for every five to ten thousand Souls. To reproduce, the Mothers divide and each cell becomes a new Soul who carry some of the Mother's memories. When Doc asks if there is a catalyst for the division, Wanda tells them that it is a choice and the only way Souls willingly choose to die. 

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Re-Read: Chapter Thirty Three- Doubted

"You're a rotten liar. You know that, right?"

Ian charges through the cave's entrance as Wanda strains to keep hold of Kyle. As he moves towards them, Wanda yells for him to get down and disperse his weight as the floor continues to crumble. Quickly taking in the situation, Ian slides himself behind Wanda and grabs hold of his brother as she moves out of his way. Foot by foot, Ian drags his brother to relative safety and the three move to the mouth of the corridor. 
"What...the hell...happened?"
When Ian asks Wanda what happened, she debates with Melanie how much she should tell him. She tells him nothing happened and that she hit her head on the floor. Ian knows she is withholding the truth and wonders why she would liar for Kyle, someone who tried to kill her. Realizing Kyle's plan of throwing Wanda into the river, he shoves his brother away in disgust and pulls Wanda close to him. Ian tells Wanda that Jeb's rules are clear and there will be a tribunal. When Wanda puts forth her lie again, Ian is adamant that Kyle face the consequence, something she cannot understand since Ian should want to protect his brother, a human. 
"We're not having this discussion again. Your definition of human is not the same as mine. To you, it means something...negative. To me, it's a compliment - and by my definition, you are and he isn't. Not after this."
Pushing away from Ian, Wanda tells him they need to get Doc. Before they can go, Ian examine's Wanda's hurt leg, which is most likely a deep bruise. Not being able to carry Kyle that far, Ian scoops up Wanda and heads towards the hospital cave. They meet Jeb before reaching the big cave and tell him about Kyle and the bathing room's conditions. Jeb heads to get Kyle with Andy and Brandt as Ian continues on with Wanda. 

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Re-Read: Chapter Thirty Two- Ambushed

"Knock, knock."

Leaving the hospital, Wanda goes to Jamie and Jared's room the retrieve her clothes. In the room, Jamie is curled into a tight ball in the corner of the mattress as Ian lays sprawled out on the rest of the bed. It takes some effort, but Wanda is able to squelch her laughter and hurry down the hall without disturbing them. Though she trusts Doc to wait for her, Wanda still hurries to the bathing room. As she moves through the caves, Wanda thinks she hears something behind her, but does not see anyone trailing behind. Knowing others would wake soon, Wanda begins bathing herself and washing her clothes. Wanda dresses and as she puts on her tennis shoes, she hears someone call "Knock, knock" from the dark entry. Thinking she recognizes the voice, Wanda returns a greeting to Ian, but the response is not a friendly one. 
"Ian's still sleeping," Ian's voice answered. "I'm sure that won't last forever, though, so we'd best get on with this."
Wanda noticed the similarities in Ian and Kyle's appearances and voices when she first arrived, but had forgotten during Kyle's absence. Frozen in place, Melanie calls for her to keep quiet and listen, which Wanda obliges. Melanie then orders Wanda to grab a rock. Wanda does not want to cause anyone harm and in her desperation, she tries to let Melanie out and allow her to take control. Wanda starts towards the exit as Melanie struggles to break through. They hear sounds around the room, but are unable to discern Kyle's location. When she throws a handful of pebbles against the wall, Kyle moves towards the noise as Wanda moves quietly against the wall. When she is almost to the exit, Wanda hears splashes of water as Kyle wades through the pool to reach her. Melanie yells for her to run, but she hesitates a moment too long and Kyle's fingers grab her ankle and then her shoe. She is able to kick off her sneaker and scramble away from him, but he continues to grab for her. Breaking free, she heads to the exit, but is taken down by a rock Kyle throws at her leg and tackles her to the ground. Under Melanie's direction, Wanda lets out a shriek, but Kyle's large hand silences her. 

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Re-Read: Chapter Thirty One- Needed

"I'm not good deception."

When Walter mentions a woman named Gladys, Wanda looks around to see if someone else in the room, but Jamie explains that she was Walter's wife who did not make it. As Walter continues mumbling, he reaches out in Wanda's direction and Ian nudges her towards the cot. Looking to Ian for help, he simply encourages her to take Walter's hand and she does so as carefully as she can. When Ian begins to wipe Walter's face, Wanda wonders if she looks like his late wife. He tells her no; Walter's wife was a stocky redhead. Taking the rag from Ian, Wanda continues to comfort Walter as he talks to his Gladdie.

During this time, Doc wakes and checks on Walter. Ian informs him that Walter is delusional and Doc wishes he had morphine, not just alcohol, to help with the pain. Ian suggests that Jared may produce another miracle and Doc can only hope for the best. Ian also mentions Geoffrey's questions during Wanda's class. Unthinkingly, Doc suggests it would have been more convenient if the Soul in Melanie had been a Healer. Jumping to her defense, Ian says they are lucky it was Wanda. Doc agrees, but simply means it would be helpful if Wanda had an interest in medicine. Noticing Jamie asleep on another cot, Ian and Wanda decide to go get some sleep, but when she releases Walter's hand, he asks if she has to leave. When she decides to stay, Ian moves a cot beside Walters and lifts Wanda onto it. Leaving her holding Walter's hand, Ian scoops up Jamie and heads to their sleeping quarters. Doc situates himself behind his desk, sorting through papers as Wanda drifts off to sleep. 

When Walter wakes in the morning, he recognizes Wanda as herself. She asks how he is and he asks for Doc and more liquor. After drinking more, Walter succumbs to his pain and is unable to stay conscious. Ian and Wanda begin to leave for breakfast, but as she pulls her hand away, Walter once again asks after Gladdie. With that, Wanda once again takes her place beside Walter as Ian leaves to retrieve food for them. Walter murmurs his wife's name, but beyond her touch, he does not seem to need much from Wanda. Doc remains by his desk and Wanda notices the defeat on his face. 

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Re-Read: Chapter Thirty- Abbreviated

"I love you. Even if you're not there, if you can't hear me. 
I love you."

Wanda continues to hold back sobs as Jared calls out to Melanie. Speaking to Melanie, Jared tells her that the kiss was for her, not for it.  He tells Melanie if she is there that he loves her. Jared falls silent after his declaration, as does Melanie and Wanda painfully buries herself among the boxes in the cave. Though Melanie is not speaking to Wanda, she is working through what just happened with Jared. She is at once relieved that Jared recognized her existence and angry that he kissed Wanda, who feels anger of her own directed at Melanie. She wonders how Melanie could be angry with her when it was her memories that caused Wanda to fall in love with Jared. 

The pain of Wanda's position among the boxes is no longer bearable and she tries to push through to the entrance. Melanie offers her assistance in getting out, but Wanda stubbornly refuses to take her advice. It is only when Melanie apologizes that Wanda hooks her foot around the edge and yanks herself out of the cave. With Jared no where in sight, Wanda curls up o the mat and tries to push him from her mind. She turns her thoughts to the others, including Jamie, Kyle, Jeb, and Doc. When Wanda can no longer ignore the cries of her stomach, she heads towards the main area. Jamie is waiting for her at the entrance to the big garden, both showing signs of relief at seeing each other again. He also tells her that, though she does not believe others are happy with her being in the caves, he is. Though there is truth in Jamie's words, Wanda believes he is still not able to separate her from his sister, who he truly longs for. 

After retrieving her dinner from Trudy, Wanda sits and eats under Jamie's protective stares. As Wanda finishes her meal, she notices the kitchen filling up and Jamie tells her that nothing has changed; people are coming to hear her teach. With Jeb, Ian, Doc, and Walter absent, Walter is the first to ask a question about the Dolphins. When Wanda insists on sleeping in the supply corridor, Jamie too insists on making camp there. With the six raiders home, Wanda feels awkward going about her chores and the raiders are just as uncomfortable, particularly be unaccustomed to how the others now treat Wanda. The worst of it came from Kyle, who wears his hostility openly while keeping his distance under Jeb's orders. 

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Re-Read: Chapter Twenty Nine- Betrayed

"Her name is Wanda, not it."

As Wanda rounds the corner, Ian stands protectively between her and Jared. Just as he promised Jamie he would not hurt Wanda, he tells Ian she is in no danger from him, though Ian is not inclined to believe this. Wanda takes a small step forward when Jared says he will not hurt her again, but Ian tries to stop her, telling Wanda she is under no obligation to do so. When she takes another step forward, Jared raises his hand, encouraging her to come closer. As Wanda moves towards Jared, Ian follows close by her side. Jared wishes to speak with her alone, and though Ian is hesitant to leave her, Wanda tells him she will be fine. Giving into Wanda's wishes, Ian retreats, but not before threatening Jared. 
"Her name is Wanda, not it. You will not touch her. Any mark you leave on her, I will double on your worthless hide."
When Ian is out of sight, Wanda sits against the wall, keeping her distance from Jared. He apologizes for hurting her and tries to reassure her that she has no reason to be afraid of him. Though Melanie wants Jared next to her, she becomes irritated when he moves to sit right next to Wanda, not liking the feeling of Wanda wanting him there. Interrupting their exchange, Jared tells Wanda he has one question for her. 
"Is Melanie still alive - still part of you? Tell me the truth."
At this, Melanie attacks, struggling to find a way out, but from the look on Jared's face, it will not matter what either says to him. Wanda tells her that he is not looking for the truth, but for the evidence to prove she is a liar. Wanda struggles to keep Melanie silent, though she screams out "Jared, I love you" inside their head. Jared waits for her answer, holding her chin and refusing to let her hide her face. Staring into his eyes, she struggles with the look of revulsion in his eyes and Melanie's anger. Time passes and tears begin to cloud Wanda's vision, trekking down her cheeks and onto Jared's palms. Having enough, she jerks her head away from his touch and focuses on her hands in her lap. She expects him to leave, but he does not move. As they ponder this new Jared, Melanie compares him to the Jared she knew when they were on the run...

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Re-Read: Chapter Twenty Eight- Unenlightened

"A Kyle-sized portion it is..."

Having spent the past few months being woken by the sun, Wanderer is disoriented when she wakes in the darkness of the storage area. Jamie, who must have snuck back to the cave in the night, wakes beside her and wonders if it's breakfast time. When Wanderer is hesitant to leave the area, Jamie tries to reassure her, claiming that Jared promised him the he would stop "picking" on her. Though Wanderer (and Melanie) are unsure that things will be the same as before the raiders returned, as Jamie claims, she follows him out of the darkness. 

Hand in hand, they make their way out of the darkness and through the garden. Wanderer is unsure of how the others will react to her, but she is left in suspense since the area is empty. When she asks Jamie about everyone's whereabouts, he evades the question as he did the previous night. Worry mares the thoughts of Wanderer and Melanie, whose intuition tells her that they do not know the caves and the people as well as they thought they did. There are a few people in the kitchen where eggs are being served, but the small crowd is concerning for this time of day. Lucina is severing breakfast this morning and appeases Jamie with a "Kyle-sized portion," but does not extend the courtesy to Wanderer. Jamie takes over for Lucina when she leaves her post and offers food to Wanderer. She declines the eggs, telling him that Jared and the others did not risk their lives so she could eat more than bread for breakfast. Jamie does not accept her excuse and refuses to eat unless she does too. They stare each other down, but Wanderer breaks when she notices Jamie's longing glance at the eggs. As the two continue eating, Wanderer notices the somber atmosphere of the room, whispered conversations, and the sadness written on the others' faces.

Noticing Sharon in the corner by herself, Wanderer asks Jamie if anything is wrong with Doc or Maggie. She also asks after Walter before noticing that the same sadness marred Jamie's face as well. Wanderer asks him why he is upset, but is met by silence. They finish their meal and as they leave the kitchen, Jamie is beside her, acting as her bodyguard, though Wanderer does not like the idea of him taking on such a role. 

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Re-Read: Chapter Twenty Seven- Undecided


Trekking through the darkness, Wanderer makes her way back to the prison hole she was kept in upon her arrival to the caves. As she moves closer to the location, she stumbles upon stacks of cardboard boxes and burlap sacks. The presence of these objects confuses her, worried she was in the wrong place, but Wanderer soon realizes these are the spoils of the raid Jared and the others just returned from.  Wanderer is glad to know Melanie is still alert as she settles against a bag of rice and questions what they will do now. 

"What's most important to us? Staying alive? Or Jamie?"

They are both in agreement that Jamie is their priority. An escape plan is also quickly discarded since the likely outcome would be the Seeker taking Wanderer's place in Melanie's body and exposing the location of the caves. A scuffling sound interrupts their argument, followed by a whispering Jamie.  When Jamie mentions that the others are busy, Wanderer questions what they are doing, but Jamie is not forthcoming with information. He does not want Wanderer to be alone in the storage area and though Wanderer tells Jamie he belongs with the others, he insists he belongs wherever he wants to be, which in this case, is with her. When Wanderer inquires about Jeb, Jamie again keeps silent. 

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New Behind the Scenes Photo of Saoirse Ronan & Frances Fisher

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Darling @saoirse_ronan and me, back in the day, on #TheHost

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Re-Read: Chapter Twenty Six- Returned

"She's not a danger to us."

Though Wanderer continually refused Jeb's request to become a teacher, she somehow found herself doing just that. Her class was informal, answering questions as she works in the kitchen at night, which gives her the opportunity to pause before answering a difficult question or direct her gaze elsewhere. She also found that once she started telling stories, people were more accepting of her presence, acknowledging her in the halls or simply asking her to pass the soap. Jeb joins the group every night, but usually sits in the back, quietly grinning at his success. The only people noticeably absent from her lessons are Sharon and Maggie. 

"It was in about my fourth week as an informal teacher when life in the caves changed again."

When Jamie knows the stories well enough, Wanderer lets him take over, enthusiasm lighting up his face as he uses his hands to bring the stories to life. Though he often turns to Wanderer with questions, he never waits for her answers and carries on with gusto. There is a commotion down the hall and before she can stop him, Jamie sprints out of the kitchen. Wanderer moves to follow him, but Ian stops her and tries to distract her from the noise. She continues on with a story, but when she looks up, every person is turned to the other direction. 

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Jake Abel Shares a Behind the Scenes Photo

@TheHostFilm boys firing guns like men do back in the day...#bullseye

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10 New Images from 'The Host'

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Re-read: Chapter Twenty Five- Compelled

"Do you think she'll go away? Really gone?"

The longer Wanderer resides caves, the more irrelevant time becomes. She finds herself working alongside the humans everyday, but feeling she has no right to be there, she works twice as hard washing clothes, tending to the onion soup, and weeding the fields. As time passes, she is also able to learn the names and a little about the humans. There is Lily from Philadelphia, who never notices the stares she elicits from Wes. Lucina has two young boys, including Freedom who was born in the caves. One of the most concerning residents is Walter, whose illness can neither be diagnosed or treated, though Doc suspected a form of cancer. The cave dwellers totaled thirty-five, with six traveling on the raid, Jared and Kyle included.

Wanderer also has the chance to learn more about her neighbors. As Jeb tells her, the others moved in protest of her presence, like Ian, or out of fear. While others began to move back into their caves on the corridor, Sharon and Doc, who shared a cave, and Maggie are noticeably absent. Maggie and Sharon continue to ignore Wanderer, a move that feels hostile to Wanderer as the Sharon in Melanie's memories do not match the Sharon here in the colony. Wanderer inquires with Jamie about how Maggie and Sharon were able to get to the caves and he seems to understand that she is real asking is if Melanie's effort to find them had been for naught. Jamie explains that he and Jared had gone to look for them after finding Melanie's last note. Together they were able to decipher Jeb's riddle and make their way to the colony.

Though Melanie rarely speaks anymore, she is still very present during Wanda and Jamie's conversation, "soothing his pain, smoothing [her] awkwardness." Jamie wonders why his sister is so quiet and Wanda explains that it is difficult for her and she does not have something she has to say. When he asks is Melanie will ever be gone, Wanda tells him she does not know, but she hopes not. Continuing his inquiry, he wants to know if she likes his sister or if she hated her. Wanda never really hated her, but was afraid of her in the beginning because Melanie's presence meant she could not be like everyone else. In spite of this, she always admired Melanie's strength and thinks she is the strongest person she has ever known.

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Re-Read: Chapter Twenty Four- Tolerated

"It was true that I did not smell good."

Though Wanda is unsure of how many days she has spent in the caves, the state of herself and clothes, the same ones she wore during her journey through the desert, show the signs and smells of time. Recognizing her need for a bath and laundering, Jeb escorts Wanda to the bathing stream armed with clean clothes and homemade cactus soap. Much to Wanda's discomfort, they are not alone, but the others, including Melanie's cousin Sharon, ignore her presence. As soon as the bathing area is free, Wanda moves across the floor in the dark, feeling for the water's edge with her feet. Once there, she moves fully clothed into the stream. Using the rough soap, she washes her dirty clothes before cleaning the grim from herself. Leaving the cave, she rejoins Jeb and the two head towards the kitchen, where conversations cease when she enters the area. 

During her next day in the field, Wanda spends her time seeding and irrigating the same area. A new rotation of workers share the space, though, much to Wanda's discomfort, Ian was still among the field workers. Once again Wanda finds herself eating amongst the others in the kitchen, but Jamie joins her, breaking through the silence. At night, Wanda and Jamie share his room and he takes this opportunity to talk with Wanda until she begs for sleep. Their current living situation sits well with Jeb since he no longer has to task someone with keeping guard. 

During the next day of chores, Wanda finds herself in the kitchen where Jeb teaches her to knead bread dough and how to feed the fire beneath the stone oven. In the middle of the day, Jeb goes to retrieve more flour, leaving Wanda alone with the three other women working in the kitchen. Jeb's departure shocks Wanda as she wonders when they will realize that they have the opportunity to harm her. Her fears are for naught since none of the women abandon their work. 

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