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Re-Read: Chapter Fifty One- Prepared

"It's not a good feeling - knowing that you profoundly deserve the title of monster."

Wanda finds Jamie and Jared in their room and knows Jeb has spoken with Jared by the look on his face. When she asks for his help, he leaps up, agreeing to help her with the raid. Jamie wants to come too, but they both shut him down. Wanda leads Jared back through the south tunnel in the hopes of avoiding the other since she does not want to explain herself to them at the moment. She also wonders about Lily and is comforted when she learns Ian is with her. Wanda knows he will help Lily through this tough time, but halts her thoughts when she thinks of who will be there for Ian when she is gone. 

Jared is eager to know what they are after and Wanda explains that they are going to retrieve cryotanks, which are stored outside Healing centers until they are need. Since there are not as many Souls leaving Earth, there will be a surplus and are not likely to be guarded. The two continue on, climbing through the vent until the changing horizon is in view. Dawn creeps up as they run through the desert and Wanda battles with the thoughts of herself as a traitor. 
"Traitor. Not a misfit, not a wanderer. Just a traitor. I was putting my gentle brothers' and sisters' lives into the angry and motivated hands of my adopted human family. My humans had every right to hate the souls. This was a war, and I was giving them a weapon. A way to kill with impunity."

Stephenie Meyer Talks 'The Host' at Sundance

While Stephenie Meyer was at Sundance promoting Austenland she took some time to discuss The Host with MTV's Josh Horowitz. Meyer says she has seen the "locked picture" and calls the movie "beautiful."


New Behind the Scenes Feature- Ian O'Shea

Check out screen caps from the video here


Tuesday, January 29, 2013

2 Months Until 'The Host' Hits Theaters

The Host will be hitting theaters in just 2 months! What are you most excited to see? Do you plan to re-read the book before its release?

Check out all the updates on Stephenie Meyer's site.

New "Choose a Side" Feature on the Official Site

The Host's official site has been updated with the "Choose a Side" feature. After entering the character section, fans can explore pictures, videos, and bios for Melanie, Wanderer, and Jared. There are also downloads, including Facebook covers, wallpapers, and Twitter skins. It appears Ian, the Seeker, Jamie, Jeb, and Maggie will be "coming soon."

Check out the "Choose a Side" feature here.


New Character Poster- Ian

Stephenie Meyer also shared a few words about the character on her site:
Ian has been masterfully brought to life by the talented Jake Abel, with all of his complex choices and emotional evolutions. (It's really too bad Jake is so very unattractive, right? But his audition was amazing, and we decided to overlook his shortcomings in favor of his skill.) 
One of my favorite things about Ian-the-character was that he was never meant to be more than a second tier bad guy. He was supposed to stay in the shadows behind his brother, Kyle, and be menacing. Glower and shake his fist, that kind of thing. But—as sometimes happens—Ian started to think for himself. (Most of the other authors I've spoken with have had the same experience, and it's always a favorite—characters who seem to develop independent of the creator, springing into existence with almost no effort on the writer's part.) 
So Ian became the first human, aside from Jeb, who started to see Wanda-the-individual rather than Wanda-the-alien-invader, and he traded in his small role as a bad guy for one of the romantic leads. Well played, Ian. Well played.
Check out all three character posters together. Just one more to complete the set.


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Stephenie Meyer on Andrew Niccol's "Subtle Shifts" in 'The Host'

Fred Topel of Crave Online had the opportunity to sit down with author/producer Stephenie Meyer at this year's Sundance Film Festival. Meyer spoke about Austenland, Twilight, and of course The Host. 

How different was adapting The Host to the Twilight books?
The Host was a huge challenge because Twilight, you can stop and look at the plot and just say A causes B causes C. It's fairly straightforward. There are some supernatural things you have to figure out how to film but that's some special effects person's job. It's not the screenwriter's job. With The Host, it's a 200,000 word novel. To fit it into two hours is a real challenge and there's so much we had to cut. So we really had to boil it down to the real essence of the story and also we had the issue of one person who was two characters, and that was something that threw a lot of studios when they were trying to figure out how we were going to feel it, how it was going to come across right... 
Was there one big change that those filmmakers sold you on that would be better for the movie?
You know, there were little visual things. I don't know that they had to sell me exactly. When I was writing the novel, to me the world looked very much the same as our world looks. Not much has changed, but Andrew [Niccol] has subtle shifts and he glossed up the human world and made it a little shinier, and the way people dress and the cars they drive. He just had this vision for the look and particularly for the Seekers. They have a very distinct look that I hadn't envisioned. It works beautifully. It just makes the world just that much off kilter. We can tell it's not our world even though it looks like it. He's a genius. It was fun to have someone like that coming up with ideas. It's easy to go, "Yes, yes, absolutely." 

Read the entire interview here.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Re-Read: Chapter Fifty- Sacrificed

"You never know how much time you'll have."

Though Wanda sees the inevitability of her choice, she cannot help but be horrified by it since this is the secret she should fight to protect from the humans and divulging it would make her a traitor to the other Souls. Melanie argues against Wanda as her choice manifests in feeling ill. Jeb notices Wanda is unwell, but she dismisses his concerns and simply tells him she needs a moment to herself, but still has one more question to ask. He agrees to wait for her as she walks quickly down the tunnel. In the dark of the tunnel, Wanda almost runs over Lily, who is sitting in a tiny ball on the floor. 
"Why? I said that life and love go on. But why do they? They shouldn't. Not anymore. What's the point?"
Not knowing the answer, Wanda leaves Lily to her grief and hurries to her room. Grateful the room is empty, Wanda tosses herself on the mattress and contemplates her final question, not for the Seeker, but for herself. 
"The question was would I - not could I - do it? I could save the Seeker's life. I knew how. It would not endanger any of the lives here. Except my own. I would have to trade that."
Melanie is once again emphatic that Wanda does not have to make this choice, this sacrifice. 
"Don't you want to be free?"

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Re-Read: Chapter Forty Nine- Interrogated

"Did you request permission to kill me personally, Melanie?"

A group gathers in the kitchen to eat the remaining perishable food as Doc and Jeb explain what happened to Jared, Ian and Kyle in their absence. Wanda seats herself away from the others, overcome by grief and guilt. Wes died four days ago and was already buried beside Walter. The Seeker's bullet went through Wes' forehead and there was nothing Doc could have done to change the outcome. Brandt also took a bullet, but it missed his heart and lungs before resting in his shoulder blade. Doc used most of the Heal the remove the bullet and Brandt now stands guard with Aaron in the tunnel that once held Wanda prisoner. Jamie sits beside Wanda, patting her back every now and then as tears once again stain her face. Andy and Paige are not among the others; they are moving the vehicles back to their hiding places. When Jamie sees Wanda searching for Lily among the others, he softly tells her "She's not...doing so well."

A myriad of "what ifs" fly through Wanda's mind. What if she had stayed in San Diego? What if she has skipped Earth? What if she had given herself as a Mother? What is she had not come here, leaving clues for the Seeker to follow? Melanie tries to reason with Wanda, even taking the blame for leading the Seekers here since she was the one caught in the first place. She also tells Wanda that if they had not come, Jamie would be dead and maybe even Jared.

Wanda cannot understand why the Seeker continued to follow her after she left.
"Why did she have to follow me? I'm not hurting the other souls here, not really. I'm even saving some of their lives by being here, by keeping Doc from his doomed efforts. Why did she have to follow?"

New Behind the Scenes Video with Max Irons

Check out screencaps from the video here.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

New Poster Featuring Max Irons

Check out Melanie's poster here and the combined posters below. It looks like two more posters will complete the background.


Re-Read: Chapter Forty Eight- Detained

"I love you, Mel. Sorry."

Wanda and Jared quickly realize the red and blue lights coupled with the siren could only mean one thing...Seekers. Jared is frozen, working through all the possible ways out of this in his mind, but nothing comes to him. As Jared slows down, he reaches for Wanda's hand and asks her if she still has the cyanid pill. Wondering if Melanie can hear him, he apologizes and tells her he loves her. Wanda relays Melanie's words to Jared; she loves him, more than anything. Jared also tells Wanda that he cares for her and knows she was not deserving of his behavior towards her. When Wanda sees Jared pull out his cyanid pill, she asks him to wait, but he knows they have to do the unthinkable to save Jamie and the others from being discovered. Wanda begs Jared to give her a chance to lie their way to safety. Jared is reluctant, but agrees to the plan and switches places with Wanda so she is now in the driver's seat. She orders him to put on his seatbelt, close his eyes, and turn his head away to not draw suspicion. Jared settles in and Wanda calls for Melanie to help her. 
"I can't help you be a better soul, Wanda. But you can do this. Save him. I know you can."
Wanda tries to relax and put on a facade of tiredness as the Seeker parks their car on the other side of the road. Wanda only hears one set of footsteps and is relieved when she realizes one is coming to talk to her. The male Seeker, dressed in a T-shirt and shorts, approaches, questions at the ready. 
"Having a problem, miss? You were going much too fast for safety."

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Saoirse Ronan Finds Inspiration for 'The Host' in Jane Fonda

Saoirse Ronan revealed a few months ago how the duel role of Melanie and Wanderer would be handled in The Host an earpiece and different accents. Ronan is now sharing the inspiration behind Melanie's Southern accent.
"I think playing two characters in the same film is inviting to any actor," she explains. "For most of the film we hear Melanie's voice because it's the voice Wanderer hears in her head. Melanie has some kind of a Southern accent."
And Saoirse and her voice coach based her accent on Jane Fonda. "In the 1970s she had a beautiful way of speaking that you don't hear so much these days, almost foreign sounding," adds Saoirse. 
Check out the entire article from Sunday World here

'The Host' Featured in Entertainment Weekly's "What's That Song?"

Fans figured out pretty quickly that Imagine Dragons' "Radioactive" is featured in The Host trailer and now Entertainment Weekly has included it in "Movie Trailers: What's That Song?"

From the January 11, 2013 issue of Entertainment Weekly

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Re-Read: Chapter Forty Seven- Employed

"But if you try cuddling up to me tonight...
so help me, O'Shea."

Kyle and Ian with in the back of the raiding van sorting through the nonperishable items Wanda obtained from a store in Wichita, Kanas as Jared drives down the highway below the speed limit (a source of constant irritation with him). With the addition of Wanda to their raiding team, Kyle complains about the lack of thrills and challenges. The O'Shea brothers continue to bicker as Wanda turns to Jared and wonders about their next stop. The four are headed for Oklahoma City to continue their "shopping" and plan to stop in a dew smaller towns along the way. Wanda realizes that the others were right about Jared; he rarely loses focus while on a raid. 

While previous raids were conducted in darkness and deserted areas, with Wanda, they are able to collect supplies in broad daylight. She simply walks into the stores and pushes her cart up and down the aisles, smiling at the other souls that pass. Her main goal is to stock up on supplies that will last, but she often picks up a few things for the three men left behind in the van (Mint chocolate chip ice cream for Ian and caramel sweets for Kyle). There were times in the smaller towns she could not easily blend into the population, but on those occasions, Wanda carried on conversations with rehearsed lines. The main cover story she utilized involved her traveling with her parter who works as a photographer. Wanda finds nothing in her missions particularly challenging or fearful, but she still keeps the cyanide pill Jared gave her in her pocket, just in case. 

Re-Read: Chapter Forty Six- Encircled

"Why does Jared have Sharon in a headlock?"

Jamie tries to sit up, but Ian keeps him from getting too far as Wanda and Doc continue to treat his wound. Doc cautiously reopens the diseased skin with an X-shaped cute. Though it feels strange, Jamie assures Doc he is not in any pain. When the Doc is done, Wanda sprays the Clean across the cut and it begins to work immediately. Wanda and Doc continue with the Heal and Seal, which rapidly works to close the wound. At Jamie's request, Ian lets the boy up so he can watch the others work on his leg. He is also curious about where the "magic" medicine came from and is astonished when Wanda tells him Jared took her on a raid. 
"You should have seen her. She was incredible."
Shocked to hear Jared's voice so close to her, Wanda turns and see Sharon and Maggie fleeing the room. Wanda cannot understand how the they could hate her so much to not be happy about Jamie's recovery. Jared tells Jamie the story of their raid, complete with Wanda "robb[ing] them blind!" While Jamie is enthralled with the story, Melanie cannot help but think how much more valuable Wanda is to her family than she is. Wanda quickly silences her, telling Melanie that she would not have been here to save Jamie without her; they are a team. 

'The Host' Featured in Entertainment Weekly's 2013 Preview Issue

From the January 18, 2013 issue

Friday, January 11, 2013

Monster Love from L.A. Times' Hero Complex & Two New Images

Twilight is over and the Hunger Games' tributes are still doing their pre-game stretches. What are moviegoers to do in their spare time? How about spending some time with the undead, dark, and alien. L.A. Times' Hero Complex chatted with the directors of Warm Bodies, Beautiful Creatures, and The Host about finding their audience and tackling teenage romance. 

From Hero Complex: Romance proved challenging too for writer-director Andrew Niccol, who in his quest to adapt Meyer’s lesser known yet still bestselling novel “The Host” was tasked with creating a believable love-triangle-turned-love-rectangle when his protagonist played by Irish actress Saoirse Ronan (“Atonement”) is invaded by an alien being, nicknamed Wanda, who falls in love with a different boy from the one the host character Melanie loves.

“In this case I think it’s the complexity of this particular relationship [that's attracting audiences],” said Niccol, who collaborated closely with Meyer in adapting her sprawling 650-page novel into a digestible film due out on March 29. His budget was $35 million. The New Zealand director’s previous work included such sci-fi films as “Gattaca” and last year’s Justin Timberlake, Amanda Seyfried vehicle “In Time.”
“I think that’s great for teenage girls who are starting to think romantically about the choices they have. The complexity of that is enticing,” he said.
Check out the entire article here

New Photo of Frances Fisher & William Hurt on the Set

It's the Stryder siblings! Frances Fisher shared another photo from the set, this time of her and William Hurt.

Follow 'The Host' on Pinterest

You've followed The Host on Facebook & Twitter and now it's time to check out the movie on Pinterest. According to the movie's Twitter message, fans will be treated to new boards every week! (Warning: Pinterest can be VERY addictive!)

Follow The Host here. You can also follow Open Road Films here.

Re-Read: Chapter Forty Five- Succeeded

"I do trust you. With all our lives, I trust you."

Healer Knits Fire and Cerulean, the receptionist, return with a glass of water for Wanda and a mirror for her to examine her face. Glancing in the mirror, Wanda is met with the face she remembers from her time in San Diego, "the face [she'd] taken for granted there." Wanda takes her time looking over her healed face and chatting with the Healer, which does not settle well with Melanie who can sense Wanda's comfort among other souls. With a sense of urgency, Melanie reminds Wanda why they are even in the Healing center; they are there to save Jamie. 
"'I know who I am', I told her."
Telling Wanda to "be more careful," Healer Knits and Cerulean walk her to the door and send her on her way. It is a struggle for Wanda to not run across the parking lot, but she keeps a steady pace as she approaches the car. As she closes the door, Jared whispers to her, asking if she is ok. Wanda tells him to be quiet as she passes by the entrance and waves to Cerulean. Wanda tries not to shake as she pulls back onto the road and Jared demands to know if she is all right. Wanting proof, Wanda stretches her arm so he can see the healed wound. Jared climbs into the front seat and, noticing her completely healed face, brushes his fingers across her cheek. Opening the backpack, Jared riffles through the canisters, wondering if she got everything they need. 
"The right things for Jamie...if we get back in time. And more for the future. I only took what I understood."

Win a Copy of 'The Host'

I have three copies of The Host to giveaway over the next few months. The first giveaway begins today  and ends on Sunday, January 20th. One winner will be selected and notified the day after the contest ends. Due to shipping costs, the giveaway is limited to US residents only.

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Re-Read: Chapter Forty Four- Healed

"Do it, Jared!"

Jared hesitates, turning the stone over and over in his hand. Melanie speaks up, urging Jared to do it, and Wanda relays the message to him. Pressing the good side of her face against the headrest, Wanda shouts for Jared to do it and is met with his deep breath and the sound of her skin tearing. She tries to stop herself, but she cannot hold back her sounds of pain and the tears from creeping down her face. Jared apologies to both Melanie and Wanda as he pulls her to his chest. After a moment, he settles Wanda back in her seat before restarting the car and continuing towards the hospital. 

Wanda pulls down the visor to inspect the wound and, though her stomach turns, tells Jared he did a convincing job. She also suggests that he let her drive the rest of the way since there would be too many questions if it looked like she walked to the hospital in her condition. Jared relents, but not before threatening her if she takes them off course, an accusation that hurts both Wanda and Melanie. He climbs under a plaid blanket in the backseat as Wanda seats herself behind the wheel. From his spot in the back of the car, Jared directs Wanda through the city to a Healing center where she parks in the darkest part of the parking lot. Putting on the backpack, Wanda asks Jared for the knife, realizing there is one more thing she must do to make her visit convincing. Jared thinks she wants it in case she runs into trouble, though he doubts she would actually use it, but she needs it to inflict a wound similar to Jamie's so she will know how to heal him when they return. Jared is not convinced, but eventually hands the knife to her, telling her to be careful and not cut too deep. Wanda decides to cut her arm, bracing it against the door. Melanie tells her to think of it as "a shovel opening the ground," and with that, Wanda jams the knife into her arm. She tries to muffles her screams and when Jared leaps to help her, she tells him to stay put and not expose himself. Jared does not listen, but she launches herself out of the car before her can stop her. 

MTV Shares More Images from the 'Illustrated Movie Companion'

Check out all 5 images here. The Host Illustrated Movie Companion is now available. Find out where to purchase it here.

Re-Read: Chapter Forty Three- Frenzied

"Bringing Melanie back had not saved him."

As Jamie's condition worsens, Wanda is unable to leave his side or even move, sitting as still as a statue. Jared, Kyle, and Ian went on another raid, but after three days they only had a cooler of ice to show for their efforts. When Doc questions where they looked on their raid, Kyle interrupts telling him that all the antibiotics are gone since people had no reason to hide them and Souls have no use for them.  Ian tries to reassure Wanda that Jamie will "pull through," but even he cannot pull her from her stupor. Wanda can barely stand to see Jamie suffer and the painful sound of him trying to swallow water only exasperates her concern. 
"If they dug a hole for Jamie in the empty desert, they would have to put me in it, too."
Melanie tells Wanda that what they are doing is not good enough and Wanda tries to calm her down, reminding her that, even if they did find any medicine, it may not work. 
"They only worked half the time anyway. Inferior. He doesn't need your medicine. He needs more than that. Some that really works..."

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Movie-Tie In Edition Now Available with New Images

UPDATE: It looks like the second tie-in edition has the same cover and images on the back, it is just a smaller size. Overstock has changed their image on the 2nd version to the one seen below, but the Target one is still a different image. 

Two movie tie-in editions of The Host were released today. For those who do not know, movie tie-in novels generally replace the regular cover with a movie poster or other promotional images.

The edition I purchased has the same content as a previous paperback release: bonus chapter, reading guide, and Stephenie Meyer's annotated playlist.

The back cover has a new still of Wanda & Ian and one still previously seen on the back cover of the Illustrated Movie Companion. 

Check out the "Purchase The Host Books" page for links to order. Copies may also be available at your local stores (I purchased mine at Target). The tie-in audiobook will also be available later this month (January 15th).

13 New Images from 'The Host'

Open Road Films treated fans to 13 new images from The Host yesterday, each debuting on different fan sites. Check out all the images below.

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New Exclusive Image from 'The Host'

Open Road Films is ringing in 2013 with the debut of new images from The Host! Below is one of thirteen exclusive images going live today to celebrate the new year.

Check out the next exclusive photo on The Host Trilogy. You can also follow them @HostTrilogy.

Don't forget to "like" The Host on Facebook and follow @TheHostFilm.

Check out more images on the following sites
 (a few have yet to post):

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Re-Read: Chapter Forty Two- Forced

"No, Ian. Really kiss me. Like ... like you're trying to get slapped."

Ian is dumbfounded by Wanda's blatant request to kiss her. Wanda knows this is not fair to him, but she is terrified at the prospect of losing Melanie. Hesitantly, Ian pulls her body to his and gently presses his lips to her. Pulling back, he looks at her with worry and Melanie is no more clear now than she was a moment ago. Wanda tells him to really kiss her and when he refuses, she puts her arms around his neck and pulls his lips to hers again. Ian eventually falls into the kiss, reciprocating her movements and pressing her back against to wall, fusing her body to his. Wanda searches for Melanie, but there is no one else and Ian feels her giving up. They loosen from each others' grasps and Ian once again asks Wanda to explain.
"She's not here. I can't find her. Not even now."
"I can't hear her! Ian, how can I go back in to Jamie? He'll know that I'm lying! How can I tell him that I've lost his sister now? Ian, he's sick! I can't tell him that! I'll upset him, make it harder for him to get well. I -"

Re-Read: Chapter Forty One- Vanished

"I need you to kiss me, Ian. Now. Please."

Wanda and Ian sit in the darkness for three days. Ian leaves only to get food and water, but Wanda refused to eat anything and Ian soon followed. Wanda cannot not stop sleep from overcoming her and though Ian tries to comfort her, placing her head and shoulders in his lap, her quick recoil and violent shuddering ensures he does not try that again. On the third day, Ian finally speaks, begging her to eat. He also asks her not to hate him and that, if he had know what the other were doing, he would have stopped them. Though Ian is sincere, Wanda does not believe him. To her, he was just one among the other monsters and, as Jared said, Ian had no objections to the procedure before Wanda came to the caves. Ian sits quietly with her for another hour or so before leaving the room again. Wanda is conflicted when he leaves, thinking him a monster, but also wanting him to stay with her. 

Hearing the distinct sound of Jeb's contemplative whistle, Wanda waits for him as he strides over to her, bringing light to the room with the click of a flashlight. Settling himself against the wall beside Wanda, Jeb questions if her plan is to starve herself. Wanda knows her period for mourning the lost should has past and it is now her anger that drives her solitude. When Jeb tells her there are easier ways to die, she counters, telling him to give her to Doc for his experiments. 
"Did you expects us to just give up Wanderer? We have a stronger survival instinct that that. Of course we want to find a way to get our minds back. it could be any one of us someday. So many people we love are already lost. It isn't easy. It nearly kills Doc each time he fails - you've seen that. But this is our reality, Wanda. This is our world. We've lost a war. We are about to be extinct. We are trying to find ways to save ourselves."

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Re-Read: Chapter Forty- Horrified

"Get away; you're monsters! Torturers!"

At the sound of voices, Wanda slows her pace and moves forward as quietly as she can. Though the words are clear, she has a hard time putting names to voices, but continues to listen intently.
"...why do we keep doing this?"
"Doc didn't want o. It was Jared's idea this time."
"I thought he was the biggest opponent to this business." 
"He's more...motivated now."
Wanda pushes herself as close to the wall as she can as the group passes by her, no one taking notice of her there. Waiting until their footsteps faded, Wanda continues creeping forward before breaking into a jog. Catching a hint of daylight, Wanda knows she is close to the hospital and carefully moves forward. As she gets closer and closer, she hears Doc's sobs and Jeb's words of comfort. There is also a strange smell, "not quite metallic, but not quite anything else, either" permeating the air that is familiar to Wanda, but not one she can easily place. Fear suddenly halts her movements, but Melanie points out that the worst they can do is make them leave and with that, Wanda rounds the corner to the hospital. No one notices her standing there, but she sees Doc sobbing on the floor with Jeb patting his back. Jared and Kyle are also there, placing a stretcher next to one of the cots. The cots are not empty, but hold something hidden beneath green blankets. Doc's table is set a the head of the cots, holding scalpels and antiquated medical tools, but it is not the tools that hold Wanda's attention.

Re-Read: Chapter Thirty Nine- Worried

"You're my very favorite person in the known universe."

It has been a month since Wanda moved back in with Jamie and Jared. Jared, though not always at ease with Wanda's presence is always polite and Wanda and Melanie are both "sort of happy" with their current arrangement. On the other hand, Jamie is in a constant state of euphoria, taking to and about Melanie. While the first three weeks were relatively enjoyable, the fourth is a little lonely since both Jamie and Jared left on a raid and Melanie is not as talkative in their absence. 

Sitting alone at lunch, Wanda is a bit bothered when Ian joins her, going as far as not returning his greeting. Knowing her mind is on her AWAY roommates, Ian assures her that the pair will be back today. Wanda retorts that he said the same thing three days ago, two days ago, and the day before. Ian tries to reassure Wanda, telling her that it is not Jamie's first raid and he has Jared, Geoffrey, and Trudy looking after him. Ian acquiesces to her request when it is evident she no longer wants to discuss the the pair absence. Ian notices Wanda looking a little tired and she tells him sleep has been difficult to come by in her quiet cave. He offers to sleep in her room until Jared and Jamie return (and telling Melanie to calm down at the suggestion), but Wanda tells him there is no need since, as he just told her, they would be back later in the day. When they finish their lunch, Ian asks for help on a project and Wanda gladly offers her services. Taking her hand (something so commonplace Melanie barely reacts), Ian leads her to the eastern field, a grin planted on his face the entire time. Before turning the final corner, the sound of echoing voices and a sporadic thud, thud clues Wanda in on what exactly Ian has in mind for the afternoon. 

Friday, January 4, 2013

'The Host' Audiobook Movie Tie-In Edition Available for Pre-Order

In addition to the movie tie-in edition of the novel, there will also be a tie-in edition of the audiobook. It is currently available for pre-order and set for release on January 15th.

Three New Posters Featuring the Trio & Seeker

Check out all the posters here.