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Jake Abel, Diane Kruger & Stephenie Meyer Talk 'The Host' with The Hollywood Reporter

The Host is Stephenie Meyer's first non-Twilight adaptation, directed by Andrew Niccol. Serving as a producer on film, Meyer faced the unique challenge of observing the film's production while simultaneously penning a sequel. "It’s really tough. I mean, it’s such a different kind of creative expenditure. When you’re working on the movies, it’s very collaborative, there’s a lot of other people involved. When you’re writing, it’s all you all the time and it is interesting to have the actors in the back of my head and think, ‘Anything that I write down, they may have to do.’ It’s a little bit more challenging to have that distraction."

Meyer on why she won't write a screenplay: "I just don’t think I can abridge. I can make it longer. I can always make things longer than I intend for them to be, but cutting things down is just brutal. It’s like cutting off your fingers every time you lose a word. I know that I can’t do that, and I’m happy to have someone come in who can be a little bit more distanced from it."

Diane Kruger (Inglourious Basterds, National Treasure) plays The Seeker in Meyer's sci-fi, dystopian adaptation -- about a future in which human bodies have been taken over by alien Souls -- which is planned to expand into a trilogy. "The Seeker is very interesting because on paper, she’s portrayed as the bad guy, but the judge is still out whether or not she really is the bad guy," says Kruger. "My character has more possibilities still to come [in future sequels]. Especially with the human aspect."

Jake Abel (I Am Number Four, The Lovely Bones) is at the heart of the story's love triangle as Ian O'Shea, the skeptical human who falls for a Soul called Wanderer. "I play a lot of villains, so I’ve been wanting to play someone that had something different going on and Ian was definitely that," says Abel.

Stephenie Meyer on 'The Host': Adaptation, Casting, Sequels, and More!

THR: Were you at all scared about how The Host would translate to film?

SM: So many people had a hard time with that. The only three people I think who weren’t ever worried were me, Nick Wechsler, the producer, and Andrew Niccol, the director, because we all are like, ‘No, it’s obvious, totally obvious. You just need to have the most brilliant actress in the world and you don’t have a problem.’ And we got her, so we were really lucky. Saoirse [Ronan] is amazing. When you have an actress of that caliber, especially when not everybody knows who she is yet, I think she’s going to blow people away. And then you give her this concept role, it’s like a gift. She just loves to be able to do it and watching her -- oh my gosh. There’s this one scene that has no music, it’s a close-up of her face for five minutes and you cannot look away. I mean, tears streaming down my face the first time I saw it. It was unreal.

THR: How involved have you been in the casting process?

SM: That was such a collaborative group. Nick brought me in from the very beginning. He wanted to do the movie and we got together. We kind of talked about how would you do this, and we both felt comfortable with it. Then he’s like, ‘What are your favorite science-fiction movies?’ My number one favorite science-fiction movie is Gattaca. Andrew Niccol was at the top of the list. I also really liked The Truman Show because it’s such an odd but cool concept, and Andrew wrote that originally as a thriller and not a comedy. I’d really love to see that script -- someday, I’m gonna get to read that. [Nick’s] like, ‘Well, Andrew’s fantastic’ and he’d worked with him before, and Andrew wanted to do it. He’s never done an adaptation before, so that was really cool.

THR: During your time working on The Host film, you’re also writing the sequel. How difficult was it to switch gears between working on the movie and the next book?

SM: It’s really tough. I mean, it’s such a different kind of creative expenditure. When you’re working on the movies, it’s very collaborative, there’s a lot of other people involved, and you sort of put in your two cents where you can and consult a bit. When you’re writing, it’s all you all the time and it is interesting to have the actors in the back of my head and think, ‘Anything that I write down, they may have to do.’It’s a little bit more challenging to have that distraction.

Stephenie Meyer Among Hollywood's 25 Most Powerful Authors

Stephenie Meyer

Known For: "The Twilight Saga."

Big Number: More than 63 million copies sold since 2008.

Meyer learned a very valuable lesson after reading an early script for Twilight that featured guns, nightvision goggles and speedboat chases: Set ground rules before signing away your rights. Meyer is grateful the Paramount/MTV Films project ultimately didn’t get made. When the rights reverted to her, she thought, “OK, I’m taking this home, and no one’s ever touching it again.” But a call from Summit’s Erik Feig (since named Lionsgate’s president of production) changed everything in 2007. “He said, ‘Please, we’ll do anything,’ and he let me come up with a rider where I wrote all these things they couldn’t change,” she recalls. Among the requirements: No film deaths that didn’t match the books. With The Host, set in a dystopian future where human bodies have been invaded by aliens, Meyer faces the unique challenge of penning the novel’s sequel while serving as a producer on the $44 million adaptation of the original story, directed by Andrew Niccol (Gattaca). Open Road Films might be hoping to achieve the same success as Summit’s $2.8 billion-grossing Twilight franchise, but Meyer’s prediction might disappoint. “I don’t expect anything to be like Twilight again,” she says. “That was such a weird experience, and to have everything be so crazy and bizarre, the fanaticism — that’s just not normal.”


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New Image of Boyd Holbrook on Set

The lovely Frances Fisher shared another picture from the set of The Host, this time giving fans a glimpse of Boyd Holbrook (Kyle O'Shea).

You can follow Fisher on Twitter @Frances_Fisher.


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Mustafa Harris Shares a Photo from the Set

Chillin on the set of #thehost. Reflecting on how far the eggy headed lil boy from Baltimore has come, and how fare must go.

Follow Mustafa Harris (Brandt) on twitter @MustafamusPrime.


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New Photo of Jake Abel & Mustafa Harris on Set

Frances Fisher shared another picture from the set of The Host with Jake Abel (Ian O'Shea) and Mustafa Harris (Brandt).


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'The Host' Display Spotted in Theaters

Large displays for The Host have been spotted in theaters! Have you caught a glimpse of a display or poster in your area?

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Stephenie Meyer's "Eventful" Year

"It feels like a really eventful year. A lot of really big things happened this year," Meyer told MTV News recently. "The movie coming out is a big deal."

And although we've been focused on all things "Twilight," we've also been keeping close tabs on Meyer's next book-to-movie adaptation "The Host," the filming of which Meyer said was a personal highlight for 2012.

"When we were filming 'The Host,' we had a lot of really exciting days," she recalled. "I don't know if I could pick one [favorite], but probably a day on set this spring."


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Re-Read: Chapter Twenty Three- Confessed

"Because it's not safe. Sometimes people come looking for me at night."

Moving from the shadows, Jamie seeks refuge with Wanda from Jeb's snores. Wondering why Jamie is not use to it by now, he tells her that he usually sleeps with Jared in the room she currently occupies. This news disturbs her, knowing that Jared would not be happy about her presence there, but Jamie assures her that it is his took too and he can do what he wants with it. More than Jared's reaction, she fears for Jamie's safety if he stays with her at night, he only sees this as a reason to stay. Giving into his request, Jamie bunkers down on his mat, while Wanda takes the bed, a situation she wishes to rectify once Jamie falls asleep and she's able to move him. 

Though Wanda is tired, she allows Jamie to continue with his inquiries, only this time the talk turns to the sensitive subject of Melanie. As he tells Wanda that Jeb believes that Melanie may still be alive, his sister is suddenly very present in Wanda's mind. Jamie's cries become heavier when Wanda is not quick to answer, as is Melanie's insistence to tell him about her and to let him know that she loves him. Still not answering his questions, Wanda's thoughts turn to Jamie's motives and if he is a tool sent by Jeb to discover the truth from her. Jamie's sobs continue beside her and when Melanie cries "He's suffering," Wanda allows Jamie to cling to her, offering him words of comfort. 

"She promised she would come back, didn't she?" I murmured. "Would Melanie break a promise to you?"

Jamie wonders if everyone stays like Melanie and if there is a chance their father is still locked inside his host. Though it pains her to take away his hope, Wanda tells him that his father is gone. She also tells him how long it took for Melanie to reveal where he and Jared were hiding, waiting until she was sure Wanda would not hurt them. Jamie questions this and with some difficulty she tells him that she grew to love him and Jared because of the time she spent with Melanie. Jamie, knowing Jared's feelings towards Wanda, wonders if Melanie hates her too, but she tells him that no, "not as much as she used to." Hearing this, Melanie quickly corrects her, letting Wanda know that "No. I don't hate you at all. Not anymore." 

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Re-Read: Chapter Twenty Two- Cracked

"Wandering- guess that's your specialty..."

Still outside the cave, Jeb continues on as Wanda listens in silence. While he talks, Jeb reveals that he has seen humans caught by Seekers in the past, even having a few close calls himself. He also tells Wanda that he was eavesdropping while she told Jamie stories of the other worlds. Like himself, Jamie is an avid reader, but having gone through the cave's collection a few times, it is refreshing to have new stories from a gifted storyteller. 

Keeping up his side of the conversation, talk turns to Wanda's reason for seeking out the caves. Many believe she hunted them to turn them over to the Seekers, but Jeb is not convinced by this notion since her trek through the desert was suicide and, as Jeb puts it, "definitely not a Seeker's MO." Dismissing the notion that Wanda is a new breed of super-Seekers, the only conclusion he can come to for her determination to find Jared and Jamie is that she cares for them. Not just Melanie, but she herself felt something for them. Jeb reasons this from his time observing the Souls on Earth, because they are not just using humans as puppets.

Breaking her silence, Wanda whispers that yes, Souls have the same human feelings: Hope, pain, and love. Jeb's concern turns to his niece and what it is like to be taken over. Does anything remain? Jeb believes he would resist and knows Melanie would be a fighter too. Melanie wonders why she ever thought her uncle was crazy when he appears to be the most insightful of all. She also hopeful that they would not have to keep quiet about her existence, at least to him. 

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Enter to Win a Trip to the World Premiere of 'The Host'

Would you like to attend the world premiere of The Host in Los Angeles? Well, here's your chance. 

Fans can submit daily entries by sharing the trailer on Twitter or Facebook through March 1, 2013. In addition to the grand prize (includes flight, hotel, and transportation), five second place winners will receive a copy of The Host signed by author Stephenie Meyer. The contest is limited to US residents who are 13 and older.

Check out the details here and good luck to all that enter!

Stephenie Meyer Talks 'The Host' Cast and Characters That Didn't Make It in the Movie

Stephenie Meyer discusses The Host around the :45 mark.


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'The Host' Stars Walk the 'Breaking Dawn' Black Carpet

Host stars Saoirse Ronan, Max Irons, and Jake Abel walked the black carpet at last night's Breaking Dawn Part 2 premiere. Below is a video of their arrival along with a few photos from the event.

Check out photos from the premiere here and here

Max Irons & Jake Abel Talk 'The Host' with Next Movie

Get More:

For more from NextMovie: More videos | Trailers | Movie news | DVD & Blu-Ray

What's the Song in the New 'Host' Trailer?

What's that song in the trailer? That would be "Radioactive" by Imagine Dragons. The featured song is also the lead track on their album Night Visions, which was released back in September.

Screecaps from New Trailer

Check out all the screen caps here

'The Host' Stars Chat with MTV at 'Breaking Dawn' Premiere

Check Out a New Trailer for 'The Host'

Access Hollywood gave fans a peek at the new trailer last night and this morning MTV premiered the full trailer online. The trailer is also said to be attached to Breaking Dawn this weekend, though this may vary from theater to theater.

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Stephenie Meyer Talks 'The Host' with ET

Meyer discusses The Host around the 2:40 mark.


New MTV Interview with Saoirse Ronan

MTV will debut the new Host trailer online tomorrow morning, but for now, check out their latest interview with star Saoirse Ronan. When MTV's Josh Horowitz last spoke with Ronan at TIFF, she was on her way to see a cut of the film. In the latest interview, the pair discuss the cut, working with William Hurt, and upcoming projects.

MTV News: Saoirse, when I last saw you in Toronto you were about to see an early cut of "The Host" for the first time. Are you happy with what you saw?

Saoirse Ronan: I am. It's great to just see it all put together and see how it looks and how certain scenes turning out. There are some nice moments in there. I loved working with everyone on it but I really loved working with William Hurt just because he was a great leader real for all of us. He raised questions that some of us might not have if he wasn't there so it was lovely to see the scenes that we did together.

MTV: Is the structure of the film still similar to the book? Are the flashbacks still intact?

Ronan: In the cut I saw there were still quite a few flashbacks which is good because it gives you a chance to see the relationship between Melanie and Jared.

Read the entire interview here. Check out Ronan's TIFF interview below.

New Poster Featuring Ronan, Irons & Abel

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'Twilight' Giveaway

While Twilight fans are gearing up for the final installment of the blockbuster series, Host fans are eagerly anticipating the release of the new trailer in the coming weeks. To celebrate, I will be giving away a Twilight prize pack, which includes the first novel, Bella, Edward, & Jacob pins, and a "I was bitten by Breaking Dawn" pin.

The giveaway will run from November 1st to the 20th. One winner will be selected and notified after the final day for entries. Because of shipping costs, the giveaway is limited to US residents. Good luck!

I also have three more copies of The Host to give away over the next few months, so keep an eye out for more contests.

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