Thursday, February 21, 2013

Stephenie Meyer on 'The Host' Sequels & "Love Box"

While in Miami on Tuesday, Stephenie Meyer took time to talk with the Associated Press about The Host's "love box" and the possibility of sequels.

On The Host sequels:
"Once you've created characters that have life to them, unless you kill them all, you know where their stories go. You're always aware of what happens next. I've got outlines for the next books. I would hope that this would be a three-book arc, but we'll see."

On The Host's "love box":
"Jake and Max call it the 'love box.' I feel like the 'love box,' as it is, is played out in this novel. It completely resolves into two happy places, so that won't be a focus going forward.

Check out images from Meyer's interview here.


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