Thursday, November 10, 2011

Introducing the Trio

Jake Abel (Ian), Saoirse Ronan (Mel/Wanda), and Max Irons (Jared)

Now that the three main characters are set, who else would you like to see in The Host?

Below are my picks (before the male leads were announced):

As you can see, I thought of Max Irons as more of an O'Shea, but I'm happy to see him in any capacity.


  1. Hello_Jill from IMDb said:

    Charlie, I like most of your picks.

    Leo as Maggie = awesome
    Cheadle as Doc = awesome
    Robb as Pet = totally awesome
    Giamatti as Uncle Jeb = totally awesome
    Courtney as Jaimie = yea, I can accept that
    Stone as Seeker = cast an unknown
    No idea who should play Kyle.

  2. Hello_Jill: What's even better about your picks is that most of them, save for Courtney since he's so darn new to acting and Irons since I never seen his work, can act! Oh how I love to see actors on dream lists that have acting ability!

  3. i'm really very thrilled for actors specially for the actors playing Melanie/Wanda and Ian bcz there is so much to show and its really hard enough to convince people who've already read's gonna be damn hard for actors to fulfilled readers expectation ......hmm lets see but any ways i wish it would come out as an excellent piece of work............. all the very best to cast and crew of the host ......Nd I'm waiting !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I love Robb as Pet/Wanda!! I have thought about her as soon as I have read the description of Pet!
    She is duch a great actor and totally the best for the role!

    Though she is one of my all time fav actresses, I wouldn't pick Emma Stone as the seeker. I think she looks too tough. I'd rather pick my math teacher for she has huge authority for her size.

    But because I can't convince my teacher to do a movie I'll just pick someone else.
    I like someone small (as said in the book), friendly looking, but able to look very mean.

    Hayden Panettierre (who already has the outfit):

    Kristen Bell (with dark hair of course), Leighton Meester, Ashley Greene