Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Writer/Director Andrew Niccol Discusses 'The Host' with Film Journal

While Stephenie Meyer and the cast of The Host have been making their rounds to discuss the movie, there has been very little with writer/director Andrew Niccol. Film Journal International had the opportunity to speak with Niccol over the phone and discussed his initial reaction to the novel, casting Saoirse Ronan, working with Stephenie Meyer, and the possibility of returning for sequels.

Niccol's initial reaction to the novel:
"I loved it straightaway. We always talk about those internal conflicts within characters; in this story it's literally true, the fact that there are two spirits in one body."
On casting Saoirse Ronan:
"I find her a very truthful, empathetic actor. Because she's playing an alien being, she had to be very likable, and Saoirse is impossible not to like."
Working with Stephenie Meyer:
"What I love about her is after doing all the Twilight movies, she understands the process. She cares about the book, but she's not precious and knows they're different animals."
On making changes from page to screen:
"When Meyer did nix a change, it often had to do with the two as-yet-unwritten sequels to The Host. Niccol decided that Jake should strum a guitar and sing, even hiring a composer to write the tune. 'I brought it to Stephenie and she said, 'No, music plays an important part in the next book, you have to take it out.' I had to take the guitar away from Jake..."
Will Niccol return for possible sequels?:
"Niccol will likely make more movies between now and the sequel to The Host, and it's unclear if he'll be involved, though he expresses interest. 'They're great characters to keep exploring. The story is very rich and it's a grander theme than her previous work. With Stephenie, it's always going to be a love story, but here it's a greater love: It's about whether we can coexist with each other, even with an alien being. I thought it was a beautiful theme to explore.'"
Read the article in its entirety here.

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