Monday, March 4, 2013

'The Host' Soundtrack Available March 26th

The Host Facebook page announced the upcoming release of the movie's soundtrack. Fans will be able to download the album from iTunes on March 26th. The album is only available for download in the US (no physical copies).

UPDATE: The album will be released March 25th in the UK and can be pre-ordered here. US residents can pre-order an imported album set for release on April 2nd here or download the album from Amazon here.

1. Outer Space
2. Soul Inside
3. Wanderer
4. Inside Your Mind
5. Soul Mates
6. Escape
7. Walk
8. Fading
9. Into the Cave
10. Mirror Mirror
11. Glow
12. Sun Inside
13. Dying Soul
14. Catch Us
15. I'm Alive
16. Kiss Me If You Can
17. River Fight
18. Star Crossed 
19. Trust Me
20. Healing
21. Kill Me
22. Soul Outside
23. Goodbye Wanderer
24. One Strange World
25. Home 
26. The Store
27. Radioactive- Imagine Dragons


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