Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Max Irons & Jake Abel Talk 'The Host' with Hit Zone

Hit Zone had the opportunity to speak to Max Irons and Jake Abel last Friday about The Host and gave a very convincing exchange on why fans should see the movie.

*Spoiler Alert! Irons' answer to "What do you think is the most powerful scene that conveys the message of the whole movie?" contains a pretty big spoiler for the movie (this scene does not appear in the book).*

If you could be the Host in someone else's body that is living today, who would it be?
Max: J-Ja
Jake: Max Irons. There I beast you to it, can't say me now.
Max: I wasn't going to say Jake! I was gonna say Jay-Z. I don't know why, he's cool, I like him. We've got no one like him in England.
Jake: Uhh Blue Ivy, you'd make a good dad. I'd either grow up being super talented or super useless because my expectations are so high. Think about it, you ever think about it? That kid has got a lot...

Did you act out the characters as they were in the book or did you put your own spin on them?
Max: I read the book before. What I think is best to do is take what you want and what helps you from the book and then the script becomes your bible. You've all kinda got to be on the same page because there were scenes and there were characters and moments that were lost, and scenes and moments and characters that were kept and focused on. So I think the script has to be your thing.
Jake: I think Andrew Niccol (the director of the movie), I think he sort of took the strongest points, of each person and boiled them down. In the end, I think the movie is a bit stronger, which I like. But still as sensitive.

Why should people see the movie, according to you?
Max: There's a bit of something for everyone. There's explosions, there's kissing.
Jake: Kissing in the rain!
Max: There's fighting!
Jake: There's fighting, there's explosions, there's chrome...
Max: There's dancing!
Jake: There's chrome helicopters...
Max: There's sexy moments!
Jake: There's sexy moments which are also dirty because we live in a cave! There's danger!
Max: Jake Abel
Jake: Max Irons...The Host, March 29th.

Check out the entire interview here and another reminder, there are spoilers!

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