Tuesday, January 29, 2013

New Character Poster- Ian

Stephenie Meyer also shared a few words about the character on her site:
Ian has been masterfully brought to life by the talented Jake Abel, with all of his complex choices and emotional evolutions. (It's really too bad Jake is so very unattractive, right? But his audition was amazing, and we decided to overlook his shortcomings in favor of his skill.) 
One of my favorite things about Ian-the-character was that he was never meant to be more than a second tier bad guy. He was supposed to stay in the shadows behind his brother, Kyle, and be menacing. Glower and shake his fist, that kind of thing. But—as sometimes happens—Ian started to think for himself. (Most of the other authors I've spoken with have had the same experience, and it's always a favorite—characters who seem to develop independent of the creator, springing into existence with almost no effort on the writer's part.) 
So Ian became the first human, aside from Jeb, who started to see Wanda-the-individual rather than Wanda-the-alien-invader, and he traded in his small role as a bad guy for one of the romantic leads. Well played, Ian. Well played.
Check out all three character posters together. Just one more to complete the set.


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