Sunday, January 13, 2013

Saoirse Ronan Finds Inspiration for 'The Host' in Jane Fonda

Saoirse Ronan revealed a few months ago how the duel role of Melanie and Wanderer would be handled in The Host an earpiece and different accents. Ronan is now sharing the inspiration behind Melanie's Southern accent.
"I think playing two characters in the same film is inviting to any actor," she explains. "For most of the film we hear Melanie's voice because it's the voice Wanderer hears in her head. Melanie has some kind of a Southern accent."
And Saoirse and her voice coach based her accent on Jane Fonda. "In the 1970s she had a beautiful way of speaking that you don't hear so much these days, almost foreign sounding," adds Saoirse. 
Check out the entire article from Sunday World here

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