Friday, January 11, 2013

Re-Read: Chapter Forty Five- Succeeded

"I do trust you. With all our lives, I trust you."

Healer Knits Fire and Cerulean, the receptionist, return with a glass of water for Wanda and a mirror for her to examine her face. Glancing in the mirror, Wanda is met with the face she remembers from her time in San Diego, "the face [she'd] taken for granted there." Wanda takes her time looking over her healed face and chatting with the Healer, which does not settle well with Melanie who can sense Wanda's comfort among other souls. With a sense of urgency, Melanie reminds Wanda why they are even in the Healing center; they are there to save Jamie. 
"'I know who I am', I told her."
Telling Wanda to "be more careful," Healer Knits and Cerulean walk her to the door and send her on her way. It is a struggle for Wanda to not run across the parking lot, but she keeps a steady pace as she approaches the car. As she closes the door, Jared whispers to her, asking if she is ok. Wanda tells him to be quiet as she passes by the entrance and waves to Cerulean. Wanda tries not to shake as she pulls back onto the road and Jared demands to know if she is all right. Wanting proof, Wanda stretches her arm so he can see the healed wound. Jared climbs into the front seat and, noticing her completely healed face, brushes his fingers across her cheek. Opening the backpack, Jared riffles through the canisters, wondering if she got everything they need. 
"The right things for Jamie...if we get back in time. And more for the future. I only took what I understood."

Jared promises Wanda they would be back in time for Jamie. He is a little surprised they actually pulled it off and Wanda wonders why he even let her try. 
"I figured it was better to die trying than to live without the kid."
Not only is Wanda overcome with emotion, but Jared's declaration leaves Melanie speechless. 
"We were a family in that one instant. All of us."
Wanda tells him that it was very easy to pull off and any of the humans could probably get away with it if they could act naturally. It is a little easier for Wanda to blend in amongst the other souls since she knows what to expect and she could probably go on more raid, if they could trust her. Unexpectedly, Jared whispers that he does trust her "with all their lives." It is then that it truly sinks in; they pulled it off and they are going to save Jamie. Melanie joins in with their relief and thanks Wanda for everything she has done for her family.

When Jared takes over driving, Wanda asks him for the blindfold as they make their way back to the cave. Jared tells her that there is no need. After what she did, there is no way they can question whether or not she is on their side. Wanda voices her concern about their arrival back at the caves and begins to give Jared instructions on how to treat Jamie, but he is hearing none of it. She asks for the blindfold again and when he does not answer her, she uses an old shirt to use instead, insisting that it will make it easier for them to get back it and get to Jamie faster. As Wanda drifts off into Melanie's memories of nights spent driving in the jeep, Jared announces that he is driving them sight up to the caves to save them some time. Wanda hears Jared grab for the gun as they approach the caves and he tells her the others are out waiting for them. 

Someone shouts "Stop!" and Jared slows the jeep, calling out that it is just them and he is still himself. 
"Look - I'm bringing the jeep in undercover, okay? We've got meds for Jamie , and we're in a hurry. I don't care what you're thinking, you're not going to get in my way tonight."
Jared pulls the jeep into place and signals Wanda that everything is fine. Placing the backpack on her shoulders, Wanda steps out of the jeep and Jared lifts her over his shoulder. Still blindfolded, Wanda can only hear the running footsteps as Kyle, Jeb, and Ian approach. Kyle demands to know what Jared was thinking, but Ian's only concern is if Wanda is hurt. Jared calmly tells the others she is fine, but to get out of his way. He asks after Jamie and tells the others Wanda acquired everything they need to take care of Jamie. Ian offers to carry Wanda, but Jared insists she is "fine where she is," and Wanda reassuringly agrees with his statement. Angry voices follow them through the caves, but Jared presses on, desperate to get to Jamie. 

Coming to their room, Jared sets Wanda down and removed her blindfold. Doc is standing in the room as Maggie and Sharon tend to Jamie, who lays "limp and red, eyes closed, his chest barely moving to pull in art." Sharon launches herself at Jared with venom, but he catches her, pulling her arms behind her back. Maggie looks to have a similar outburst, but Jeb steps between them as Jared shouts for Wanda to heal Jamie. When she moves, Doc puts himself between her and Jamie. Wanda begs Doc to help her, but he does not move, eyes locked on Sharon and Jared. Ian moves into the room next to Wanda and asks Doc to not let his pride get in the way and help her. Doc tells them he is cannot be sure what the foreign medicine will do to Jamie. Wanda asks him to look at her face and he stares in awe, wondering how. 
"I'll show you. Please. Jamie doesn't need to suffer."
Doc relents and moves aside as Wanda kneels beside Jamie. Shifting through the backpack, she pulls out No Pain and asks Ian to bring her some water. Feeling Jamie's hot face, she frantically searches for the Cool and administers another dose of medicine. Asking Doc for a sharp knife, he guesses that she wants to open the wound, something he hesitated doing before fearing it would put the boy in too much pain. Ian leans in, telling them to look at Jamie's face. The redness faded, leaving behind a natural healthy tan and his temperature is on its way down. Melanie and Wanda are both filled with elated, but keep working in case the infection is still settled in his leg. Kyle hands Doc his medical bag and he retrieves a scalpel from it as Wanda readies the Clean stay and Ian moves the light to illuminate the wound. Doc hesitates, asking once more if Jamie will feel any pain and is met with Jamie's open eyes. 
"Hey. Hey, Wanda. What's going on? What's everyone doing here.?"


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