Thursday, December 27, 2012

Re-Read: Chapter Thirty Three- Doubted

"You're a rotten liar. You know that, right?"

Ian charges through the cave's entrance as Wanda strains to keep hold of Kyle. As he moves towards them, Wanda yells for him to get down and disperse his weight as the floor continues to crumble. Quickly taking in the situation, Ian slides himself behind Wanda and grabs hold of his brother as she moves out of his way. Foot by foot, Ian drags his brother to relative safety and the three move to the mouth of the corridor. 
"What...the hell...happened?"
When Ian asks Wanda what happened, she debates with Melanie how much she should tell him. She tells him nothing happened and that she hit her head on the floor. Ian knows she is withholding the truth and wonders why she would liar for Kyle, someone who tried to kill her. Realizing Kyle's plan of throwing Wanda into the river, he shoves his brother away in disgust and pulls Wanda close to him. Ian tells Wanda that Jeb's rules are clear and there will be a tribunal. When Wanda puts forth her lie again, Ian is adamant that Kyle face the consequence, something she cannot understand since Ian should want to protect his brother, a human. 
"We're not having this discussion again. Your definition of human is not the same as mine. To you, it means something...negative. To me, it's a compliment - and by my definition, you are and he isn't. Not after this."
Pushing away from Ian, Wanda tells him they need to get Doc. Before they can go, Ian examine's Wanda's hurt leg, which is most likely a deep bruise. Not being able to carry Kyle that far, Ian scoops up Wanda and heads towards the hospital cave. They meet Jeb before reaching the big cave and tell him about Kyle and the bathing room's conditions. Jeb heads to get Kyle with Andy and Brandt as Ian continues on with Wanda. 

Doc is visibly angry when he sees Wanda's condition and Jared is careful not to react to the situation. When Doc asks what happened, Ian relays Wanda's story with slight distain. Doc goes about examine her as she asks after Walter's condition. Ian does not want Wanda and Kyle in the same room and offers to find her a safe place to recuperate. She is resistant to the idea, wanting to stay with Walter. Turning to Jared, Ian asks if he can trust him to protect Wanda and Jared tells him, "Doc won't be on his own." Leaning over to Wanda, Ian tells her not to be afraid and kisses her forehead before sprinting away. Wanda is shocked my his actions, as are Jared and Doc. 

Jeb, Wes, Andy, and Aaron all clamor through the opening, each carrying one of Kyle's limbs. Jared and Doc move to help the group, settling Kyle on another cot. Doc asks Wanda how long he has been unconscious and she calculates he has been out for at least twenty minutes. Not one to wait, Jeb pours a bottle of water over Kyle's face. Coming to, Kyle asks "What happened? Where did it go?" before murmuring about the moving floor. With Kyle conscious, Wanda becomes nervous, but Jared moves between the two cots and tells her she is safe and not to be afraid. Melanie comes forward, wanting to reach out to Jared, but Wanda fights back, not wanting to anger him and risk further injury. Wanda asks Melanie to be patient with Jared and wait until he really believes she is still there. Kyle's voice breaks through, clearly angered at the sight of Wanda. 
"Aw, hell! It didn't fall!"

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