Sunday, December 30, 2012

Re-Read: Chapter Thirty Four- Buried

"Um, medically speaking, I'm not sure that was the most helpful thing for his condition."

Without hesitation, Jared punches Kyle and knock him unconscious. Wes wonders what happened between Wanda and Kyle and Wanda once again denies that he tried to kill her. 
"Altruism seems to come more naturally to it than lies."
This time Jared's words set Wanda off, pointedly asking him if he is trying be annoying (with some success). She also explicitly tells them that she is female and the 'it' business is wearing on her nerves. When Jared asks if it is because of the body she wears, Wanda tells him that she is in fact female by human definition. 
"In my species, I am the one that beats young. Is that not female enough for you?"
Jared has no comeback for this and Melanie expresses her solidarity with Wanda over the issue. Cautiously Wes asks Wanda how reproduction works with the Souls, if it is not a red question. There are only a few Souls who have the potential to be Mothers. Wanda likens them to Queen bees, there being one Mother for every five to ten thousand Souls. To reproduce, the Mothers divide and each cell becomes a new Soul who carry some of the Mother's memories. When Doc asks if there is a catalyst for the division, Wanda tells them that it is a choice and the only way Souls willingly choose to die. 

Wanda is able to rest for a short time before Walter wakes her, asking after Gladys. He is instantly comforted when she reaches out and takes his hand. When the others in the room begin to protest, Doc silences them, saying that Wanda has sacrificed a great deal to ease Walter's pain. As Walter's discomfort returns, Doc and Jeb send Aaron, Andy, and Wes out of the room. Doc moves closer to Wanda and tells her it is time to give Walter the rest of the morphine. Jeb and Jared say their goodbyes as Doc prepares the morphine. Walter calls out to Gladys in pain and Wanda tells him that it will not hurt soon, that Doc will make the pain stop. Walter tells Gladys he loves her and Wanda tells him how much she loves him. After Doc dispenses the medicine, Walter's grip slowly loosens until Wanda is the one holding on. When it is over, Doc pulls her hand free and moves Wanda to a more comfortable position. Knowing her cries could no longer disturb, sobs burst forth from Wanda. Unable to keep her eyes open, Wanda does not see what stings her arm, but Melanie tells her it is morphine. Wanda thinks she is dying, but Melanie assures her that no one else is dying; it is time to sleep. 

Wanda wakes to the stars in the sky and the wind on her face. Someone calls her name and places their hand on her cheek. Her eyes focus on Ian who is leaning over her. She tries to sit up when he tells her Walter's funeral is starting, but Ian stops her before she can go far. Jamie comes to help her up, but Ian stops him, scooping her into his arms. Taking her over the the group, Wanda hears Trudy's parting words about Walter. Her husband Geoffrey follows, along with Kyle, Jared, and Jamie. There are unpleasant murmurs throughout the group when it is Wanda's turn, but Jeb quickly silences them. Ian crouches down so he and Wanda can retrieve some sand to place on Walter's grave. After Ian's parting words, Wanda whispers hers to her departed friend. 
"There was no hatred in your heart. That you existed is proof that we were wrong. We had no right to take your world from you, Walter. I hope your fairytales are true. I hop you find your Gladdie."
Ian carries Wanda back to the mat as Andy and Aaron begin to cover the grave. Doc comes over to examine her and insists she gives her leg a few more days to heal. Wanda tells Doc that she would rather feel the pain of her injuries than have more of the drugs he gave her. Ian and Doc grimace at this, apologizing for having to put her under again when they take her back to the caves. The two had promised the others that she would not be conscious when brought back inside and blindfolding would not work since she was so familiar with the caves this time. Wanda does not fight Doc as he takes her wrist and dispenses the medicine, but she cannot hide the betrayal from her eyes as she looks at Ian. 
"Sorry," he muttered. It was the last thing I heard."

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