Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Re-Read: Chapter Twenty Seven- Undecided


Trekking through the darkness, Wanderer makes her way back to the prison hole she was kept in upon her arrival to the caves. As she moves closer to the location, she stumbles upon stacks of cardboard boxes and burlap sacks. The presence of these objects confuses her, worried she was in the wrong place, but Wanderer soon realizes these are the spoils of the raid Jared and the others just returned from.  Wanderer is glad to know Melanie is still alert as she settles against a bag of rice and questions what they will do now. 

"What's most important to us? Staying alive? Or Jamie?"

They are both in agreement that Jamie is their priority. An escape plan is also quickly discarded since the likely outcome would be the Seeker taking Wanderer's place in Melanie's body and exposing the location of the caves. A scuffling sound interrupts their argument, followed by a whispering Jamie.  When Jamie mentions that the others are busy, Wanderer questions what they are doing, but Jamie is not forthcoming with information. He does not want Wanderer to be alone in the storage area and though Wanderer tells Jamie he belongs with the others, he insists he belongs wherever he wants to be, which in this case, is with her. When Wanderer inquires about Jeb, Jamie again keeps silent. 

Jamie embraces Wanderer and reassures him that everything will work out for the best. Wanderer notices a dim light coming their way and tells Jamie to hide behind the boxes, but he refuses. Jared's voice breaks through the darkness, calling out for Jamie, who yells back for him to "Go away!" At Jamie's response, Jared quickens his pace and rounds the corner, yelling for Jamie to get away from "it." Jared yanks Jamie away from her, but as he yells as the boy, Wanderer places herself between the two. Grabbing her wrists, Jared throws Wanderer into the wall and she falls into more boxes. Jared yanks Jamie away as he rushes to Wanderer's side. The sound of a sharp crack and gasp force Wanderer up from under the carton that fell on top of her during the struggle. Coming into focus, she sees Jamie with his fists clenched and Jared with a bloody nose. 

"You aren't the man I though you were."

Turning to hide his tears from Jared, Jamie takes off down the corridor. Calling out to him, Jared looks back at Wanderer before taking off after the boy. Though Wanderer is upset that she is causing turmoil between Jamie and Jared, the fact that he had not killed her, but gone after Jamie meant that the boys' relationship was not irreparable. Left alone with the supplies, Wanderer moves back towards the rice bag and slumps over with exhaustion.

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