Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Will 'The Host' & Other Upcoming Adaptations Fill the 'Twilight' Gap?

New York Daily News takes a look at upcoming book to screen adaptations of popular teen books/series, including The Host. 

BASED ON: Stephenie Meyer's followup to "Twilight"
HOW TWI-LIKE IS IT? As close as you can get since Meyer's involved.

Saoirse Ronan may want to ask her agent why she's only getting one salary for "The Host." The 18-year-old New York-born actress plays a human girl whose body is taken over and befriended by an alien soul who's part of an invading race out to enslave all of humanity. There's a love rectangle that trumps "Twilight's" triangle.

To help Ronan find her inner conflict, director Andrew Niccol had her record dialogue for her human character and played it back to her when she was in alien mode.

"She wore an earpiece the whole time hidden in her ear where we could play her dialogue to her and she could have conversations with herself," explains Niccol. "So the only people who could hear it were Saoirse and me."

"There was one guy who was basically dedicated to pushing a button for the line to play in her head at the right time, so it became an art," he added. "So she's actually listening to herself and having a conversation with herself. It was freaky to see."

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