Thursday, February 7, 2013

Shawn Carter Peterson (Wes) Felt Like He Was "Playing Star Wars" While Filming 'The Host'

Shawn Carter Peterson took some time to discuss The Host and his character, Wes, with Blast. 

On Wes:
"Wes is a pretty cool character. He's one of the guys who is always around, he's always there to help out."
His favorite scene to shoot:
"The character displays his dependability in one of Carter Peterson's favorite scenes that he shot, in which Wes and Ian rescue Kyle from drowning. The producers didn't make it easy on the cast, setting up an actual underwater river."
"It was hard! We had to really go for it. It was fin, yet stressful, yet scary, yet fun." 
On the sets:
"It was pretty awesome to see. This is big kid playtime! I felt like I was playing Star Wars."
"We saw most of [the set]. The silver chrome cars and helicopters and motorcycles were all real. The hosts actually wore silver contacts.  
Check out the entire interview here.
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