Sunday, August 26, 2012

Re-read: Chapter Nineteen- Abandoned

"Who. Is. The. Seeker."

As Jared continues to barate Wanderer about the Seeker in black, Ian tries to pull Jared away from the cowering form, only to be met with Jared fist. Turning back to Wanderer, he demands to know about the Seeker until she finally finds her voice. Wanderer informs him that she is not just any seeker, but her seeker, specifically assigned to follow her. As she continues, carefully avoiding the mention of "we," Jared is shocked to learn that Wanderer ran from the Seeker, unable to fathom that souls would be repelled by each other. Wanderer reveals the Seekers desire to find Jared and Jamie and Ian joins in, wanting to know if she shared their location with anyone. Wanderer continues to ramble, unable to stop talking once she starts, about the Seeker, the lines, and her troubles accessing Melanie's memories. Jared wonders if she was able to "access" his cabin and if she told the Seeker. Wanderer claims that she kept it to herself because by the time she did remember she did not want to tell, though she leaves out her reasons, knowing that revealing her love for Jared is not an option. 

More inquiries follow and Wanderer answers them, though she stumbles with a lie, which registers with Jared and Ian. When it is clear she no longer wishes to be interrogated, the men exit the cave, continuing their own conversation on the other side. Jared still believes Wanderer's answers are full of lies, but Ian is starting to believe some of what she says. Ian also expresses his guilt over hurting Wanderer, an emotion Jared does not share for something he does not believe to be human. Ian leaves Jared, who paces in front of the cave, muttering to himself as Wanderer stretches out and falls asleep. 

Wanderer wakes up feeling uneasy about Ian's expression of guilt, a feeling shared by Melanie. Moments later, the quiet is permeated by Jeb's voice announcing his arrival. Jared asks him to leave, but Jeb stays and even acknowledges Wanderer, something Jared hates. Supplies are running low on and Jeb deems it necessary to go on a comprehensive supply run. Jared wants to send Kyle, but quickly recants the suggestion and Jeb suggests Brandt. Jared shoots down this suggestion, as well as the one to send both Ian and Kyle until he finally concedes to going himself. Jeb promises to keep and eye on Wanderer when he can, but even Jared thinks that with his occasional visits, " won't last long." Jared decides to leave that night for the supply run and Wanderer realizes he is finally giving up on protecting her from the others and keeping her alive. With this, both Wanderer and Melanie's hearts break, though Wanderer holds back the tears Melanie cannot keep at bay. 

Saying his goodbyes to Jeb, Jared stands and shakes off the dust from his clothes. Without a word or glance to her, Jared hurries away. When Wanderer can no longer her his footsteps, she disregards Jeb's presence and cries. 

From Stephenie Meyer's playlist: "Because I Want You"- Placebo (Chapter 19, page 184)

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