Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Re-read: Chapter Twenty- Freed

"The worst part's over."

When Wanderer's crying subsides, Jeb invites her out of the cave and keeps up his side of the conversation. Jeb believes Jared's time away will give him some perspective on the situation, though Wanderer is not reassured by his words. Jared's absence and the incoming supplies he is bound to bring back from the raid give Jeb the opportunity to move Wanderer out of the cave, which is generally used for supplies, and in with the rest of the community. 

After a lengthy rest and the guarantee of Jared departure, Jeb leads Wanderer out of seclusion and into the right wing of underground system. They stop at the garden, where carrots and spinch are sprouting, but it is the mirrored ceiling, which allows for more light underground, that catches Wanderer's attention. Pulling her away, Jeb moves into a new tunnel where most of the sleeping quarters and some storage is located. They pass a variety of makeshift doors before stopping in front of a door way covered by a jade green screen. The room itself is taller than it is wide, with a double mattress on the floor, draped clothes, and worn paperbacks. Wanderer's question about the rooms occupant is met by a vague answer from Jeb that it belongs to someone who went on the raid. She is still uneasy about staying in the room, knowing that whoever it is would surely not be happy about her occupation of it, but Jeb evokes his "my house, my rules" philosophy. 

Leaving the room behind, the pair head to the kitchen where their appearance is met by silence. Sharon, Maggie, and the doctor are all present, as is Ian, who Wanderer thought would be out with Jared. Though he seems to be the kinder of the O'Shea brothers, his presence still causes some unease. As Jeb and Wanderer turn to go, a figure stands and catches her attention. Moving from the crowd, Jamie falls into line behind Jeb and his presence draws Melanie's attention. The three continue on until Wanderer hears footsteps headed their way. On instinct, Wanderer throws Jamie against the wall and puts herself between him and the intruders. Ian and Doc promise to be on their best behavior if they join the tour and Jeb agrees before continuing on. 

"Just don't test me. I haven't shot anybody in a real long time, and I sort of miss the thrill of it."

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