Saturday, May 26, 2012

Re-read: Chapter Sixteen- Assigned

"My house, my rules."

Scrambling out of the cave, Wanderer puts herself between Jared and the O'Shea brothers and a stranger. Kyle moves forward and shoves her, but before she can fall to the ground, Jared catches her before pushing her back towards the cave. A fight breaks out and Ian grabs hold of Wanderer and begins to strangle her. The action stops at the click of Jeb's rifle as he orders the brothers and Brandt to stand down. They demand to know what Jeb's intentions are concerning Wanderer, but Jeb puts the decision on Jared, something he does not readily accept. Kyle begins to protest, but Jeb questions whether he would allow others to decide the fate of his Jodi if she ever returned. Jeb sends the three of them off and tasks them with spreading his new rule to the others, as well as letting them know that the area is off limits.

Jared pleads with Jeb, not wanting the decision concerning Wanderer to rest with him. Once again Melanie pleads for Wanderer to tell Jared about her still being there, but fearing his reaction, she refuses. Jeb dismisses Jared, taking over the post and sends Wanderer back into her cave to sleep. 

In the morning, the smell of food wakes Wanderer as Jeb slides a tray of food in her direction. Her stomach is more receptive of the food this time and she eats the entire tray. As she finishes, Jeb realizes she needs to attend to other needs since she has been stuck in the cave for sometime. Leading her out of the space, Jeb leads her to the washroom, which unfortunately can only be reached by passing through the main area. Panic rises in her eyes, but Jeb steadily guides her through the blackness. Silence falls over the crowd as they make their way through, but no one moves forward in a threatening manner. 

Wanderer had wondered how Jeb came across this system of caves and as they continued down their path he relates the story to her. He had discovered the caves in the seventies when he fell through the roof of the big room. Since he was the only Stryder left on the ranch, he spent his time exploring the caves, which are air bubbles caused by cooled lava, and put a lot of work into the system. Reaching the end of their walk, Wanderer hears another grouping of voices as Jeb brings her to the opening of everyone's favorite part of the caves, the washroom.

Back in February, Stephenie Meyer teased fans with a little taste of what it was like to walk around in the caves.
Last week I got to tour the caves, too. They aren't finished yet, but wow! I've gotten to be on some fun builds before—the Eclipse mountaintop, the Cullen house, the Volturi tower, Edward and Bella's cottage (love!)—but nothing like this. It's massive and beautiful, and walking around inside is like walking around inside my imagination.
Are you excited to see how the caves look on screen? What other sets or characters are you eager to get a peek at?

Have you voted in the blog's polls (on the right sidebar)? "My house, my rules" is one of the choices for the 'Favorite Quote,' but is it yours?

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