Thursday, May 24, 2012

Re-read: Chapter Fifteen- Guarded

"What do you think is going to happen now?"

When Wanderer awakens she does her best to not draw attention to her conscious state. Taking in her surroundings as best she can, it is obvious she is located somewhere within the cavern system. Straining her ears, there are no noises, except those made by her aching body, and she concludes she has been left alone. Believing the others have abandoned her to die at the bottom of a shaft within the caves, panic begins to rise and Wanderer buries a scream that threatens to escape.

A sharp scraping sound startles her, causing her to throw herself against the sharp wall. A small light invades the darkness as Jared steps into the cave's opening, his face still marred with anger. Wanderer hears the grating noise again as Jared's arm stretches forward and this time she notices a plastic tray holding water and food. Going immediately for the water, Jared turns from Wanderer in disgust as she continues to eat his offerings. Though her stomach is discomforted by the food, she consumes the water, bread, soup, and vegetables. When she finishes her meal, she slides the tray away and whispers "Thank you" to Jared as he retrieves the empty tray.

Melanie reenters the conversation and is still shocked by Jared's earlier actions. His violent actions took her by surprise, never believing him capable of hurting her, even in her current condition. Because of humans' violent natures, Wanderer is not as shocked by his actions, but agrees that Melanie could never harm her brother, even if her was overcome by a Soul. Jared's violence also brought to light something Melanie had never noticed before about Wanderer; she too was in love with Jared. Melanie was under the assumption that Wanderer's feelings were simply an extension of her own love for Jared, but when they came face to face with him, she realized it was something more.

Jamie is still on Melanie's mind, but Wanderer is quick to dismiss her request to see him, not daring to ask her captors for fear of their response. Though she denies Melanie, Wanderer also wishes to see Jamie, if only to make sure he is being taken care of as Melanie would.

Wanderer succumbs to sleep, but is woken by the sound of footsteps heading in her direction. From her position in the cave, she sees Jared rise to his feet as Kyle and Ian approach. Both brothers tell him that he cannot keep her prisoner and by letting her live, they risk exposure. They ask him to move, but Jared remains rooted in place, not speaking a word as they berate him. The sounds of a fight seep into the cave and Wanderer moves forward towards the scuffle.

From Stephenie Meyer's playlist: "Pts.OF.Athrty"- Linkin Park (Chapter 15, page 144)

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