Saturday, March 24, 2012

Re-read: Chapter Six- Followed

"Human hosts need interaction."

As Wanderer's appointment with the Comforter continues, their talks turns to her interactions with others outside the classroom. Kathy encourages Wanderer to work on developing friendships with others of her kind, and even suggests pursuing romantic relationships, a thought Melanie meets with disgust. She goes onto to suggest that Wanderer could be with Jared, if he were to be captured and inserted with another Soul. Wanderer instinctively cries out "No!" before charging out of the office.

On her way home, Wanderer encounters the Seeker, who is eager to retrieve more information. The Seeker asks Wanderer if she has made anymore headway on the lines, presumably directions, that have been in her memories and dreams. In a moment of realization, Wanderer determines the lines are in fact directions that would lead to Jared and Jamie. Once again, Melanie steps in and blocks the path of her thoughts. The Seeker continues to express disappointment in Wanderer and the lack of viable information she has been able to retrieve. 

"You're my only assignments. Until I find the rest of them, I may as well stick close to you and hope I get lucky." (58)

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