Saturday, March 24, 2012

Re-read: Chapter Seven- Confronted

"Every world is a unique experience."

Keeping her word, the Seeker keeps tabs on Wanderer, even sitting in on her classes, including a particularly lively discussion about the Fire World. Once again, the Seeker edges Wanderer into an argument, this time violating Wanderer's relationship with Kathy by questioning the Comforter. She also learns that Earth is the Seeker's first planet. 

The Seeker continues to taunt Wanderer about her seeming lack of control over her host body, revealing that she has gotten permission to be inserted into Melanie's body in the hopes of retrieving the information she seeks. Wanderer quickly shoots this notion down, noting that she is not a "skipper."

Her sadistic chatter continues as she mentions Racing Song, the soul who succumbed to Kevin, the violent host who attacked a Healer. Wanderer turns on the Seeker, questioning why she cares so much about finding those humans that have evaded implantation for so long. 

"If even one soul is lost to your Jared or your Jamie, that is one soul too many. Until there is total peace on this planet, my job will be justified." (66)

Wanderer takes off, this time to distance herself from the Seeker and her accusations. Once home, Melanie comes back full force, demanding action against the Seeker. Wanderer is quick to remark the Melanie's defensive stance is one of the reasons her kind is better off in charge of Earth. While Melanie is still mulling over her thoughts, Wanderer begins to look for shuttle flights. Melanie is drawn into Wanderer's decision to see the Healer in Chicago before she makes her choice. 

"The decision to kill me?"

"Yes, that one." (68)

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