Tuesday, March 5, 2013

New Interview with Max Irons & Jake Abel

Shakefire.com had the opportunity to interview Max Irons and Jake Abel while they were in Atlanta promoting The Host. The results are pretty cute and funny. Check out excerpts from the interview below and read the entire interview here. The boys even discuss a scene that did not make it into the final film.

Shakefire: Do you think that director & screenwriter Andrew Niccol stays true to the book?

Max Irons: Absolutely. Which so often isn't the case. Before we started shooting we had two weeks of rehearsal which we were all involved in; Stephenie was involved in, Andrew was involved in. It was very collaborative and we discussed what we thought was important and the essence of certain scenes were still maintained, which I think is very unusual. So I hope, what I heart from people who've seen it, the essence of the book is still very there.

Jake Abel: Even Stephenie herself said that she feels Andrew almost elevated it at times. The aesthetic of the film, how the Seekers look, and how the people dress and the world and the location of Shiprock, where our cave is. She said al of these things were much more cinematic than even she envisioned. So, not only did he take the best parts of the book and condense it down into a hundred odd pages, but he also visually brought it to life.

Shakefire: Were you surprised by any of the post-production special effects they put in the film?

Jake Abel: It's funny, for it being a sic-fi film, much like Gattaca, there's very little CGI. Which is really great. It's all pretty functional and physical stuff except for seeing the Souls themselves. The mirrors, I would've believed that they were there. We actually feared that the exterior of our cave in the desert would come off  as CGI because it was so breathtaking in person that it looks like the filmmakers themselves created this cool looking mountain and went, "There ya go!" So that was our fear, "This is too beautiful to be real." But yeah, besides the eyes being enhanced just a touch. Not much else, which is really great. it really keeps you in the story, in that world. There's no laser guns and stuff, just real guns. People get shot.

Check out the entire interview here.


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