Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Re-Read: Chapter Thirty Seven- Wanted

"Jealous, Howe?"

It seems to Wanda that whatever team Jared plays on dominates the game, but that is only until she sees the O'Shea brothers together. Jeb finally brings an end to the games and while some protest, everyone seems to be worn out. As the others leave the field, Wanda spots Ian and Kyle roughhousing with each other. At first, Wanda is unsure if their punches are being thrown in jest, but Melanie quickly confirms that they are playing, stating "the bonds of brotherhood go deep."

Jared comes to stand above Wanda, offering his hand to help her up. Melanie warns her to get ahold of herself and Wanda tries to keep her hand from shaking as she reaches out to meet his. Jared pulls her up, but there is an awkward distance between the two. As they discuss where she is staying, Ian swoops in, wrapping his arm under hers and telling Jared he would escort her. Jared and Ian both continue to hold onto her as they mince words. Though Ian offers Wanda to Jared to carry, Jared declines, but insists on tagging along, claiming he has something to discuss with Ian. 

Jared breaks the silence of their walk by asking Ian about Kyle. Ian tells him that Kyle usually keeps his word, but in this instance, he is keeping a close eye on him. This answer seems to appease Jared and Wanda tells him once again that she is not afraid. 
"You don't have to be. I promise - no one is ever going to do something like this to you again. You will be safe here."

Wanda finds it difficult to look away from Ian after his declaration and even harder to doubt everything he says. Jared seconds Ian's sentiment and Wanda whispers her thanks to them both. The three continue in silence until they reach the entrance of Ian's cave. Ian asks Jared to open the door for them, but Jared stays grounded. Jared questions Ian about the occupants; Kyle will now be staying with Wes and Ian is unsure where he will end up. Jared finally relents and opens the door for Ian to pass through. Once inside, he situates Wanda on one of the mattresses. Wanda also insists that Ian remains in his room and he agrees, telling her he will be able to keep an eye on her. When he leaves her to get some sleep, Melanie comes back full force, demanding to know what Wanda is up to. Melanie wonders if Wanda knows what her invitation to share the room could mean to Ian because he is starting to feel for Wanda what they feel for Jared. 

Melanie and Wanda's conversation is interrupted by Ian and Jared's voices just outside the door. Ian wonders if Kyle's stay of execution (or rather lack of punishment) would encourage Aaron or Brandt to try and hurt Wanda. Jared replays that he will speak to them and knows they will keep their word since they owe him for saving their lives. The two try to get rid of each other, but neither are successful in getting the other to leave their post outside Wanda's door. When Ian asks Jared if there is anything more he wishes to say to him, Jared takes care to remind Ian that Melanie's body does not belong to Wanda and it would be in his best interest to keep his hands off of it. Ian retorts that he will "think about it," and Jared tells him that there is nothing to think about. 
"The body and the person locked inside it belong to me."
"You're sure that Melanie still feels the -"
"Melanie will always be mine. And I will always be hers."
Ian also tells Jared that in spite of Wanda being in a human body, she does not seem to reacts to physical contact the way humans do. This makes Jared laugh as he tells Ian that she is more than capable of responding to contact, or rather, her body is. With that Ian falls silent and Wanda's face goes hot at the memory. Ian is surprisingly jealous of Jared and asks how he know. Jared tells him about his experiment that ended with Melanie punching him. Ian is not amused by Jared's experiment, wondering if he even considered what he was putting Wanda through. Ian does not wait for an answer before telling Jared to leave and coming back into the room. 

Ian tries to be quiet, but when he turns, he is met by Wanda's gaze. Surprise and embarrassment cross his face as he realizes they were not as quiet as they thought. 
"So..." he finally said. "What do you think?"

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