Sunday, November 18, 2012

Re-Read: Chapter Twenty Three- Confessed

"Because it's not safe. Sometimes people come looking for me at night."

Moving from the shadows, Jamie seeks refuge with Wanda from Jeb's snores. Wondering why Jamie is not use to it by now, he tells her that he usually sleeps with Jared in the room she currently occupies. This news disturbs her, knowing that Jared would not be happy about her presence there, but Jamie assures her that it is his took too and he can do what he wants with it. More than Jared's reaction, she fears for Jamie's safety if he stays with her at night, he only sees this as a reason to stay. Giving into his request, Jamie bunkers down on his mat, while Wanda takes the bed, a situation she wishes to rectify once Jamie falls asleep and she's able to move him. 

Though Wanda is tired, she allows Jamie to continue with his inquiries, only this time the talk turns to the sensitive subject of Melanie. As he tells Wanda that Jeb believes that Melanie may still be alive, his sister is suddenly very present in Wanda's mind. Jamie's cries become heavier when Wanda is not quick to answer, as is Melanie's insistence to tell him about her and to let him know that she loves him. Still not answering his questions, Wanda's thoughts turn to Jamie's motives and if he is a tool sent by Jeb to discover the truth from her. Jamie's sobs continue beside her and when Melanie cries "He's suffering," Wanda allows Jamie to cling to her, offering him words of comfort. 

"She promised she would come back, didn't she?" I murmured. "Would Melanie break a promise to you?"

Jamie wonders if everyone stays like Melanie and if there is a chance their father is still locked inside his host. Though it pains her to take away his hope, Wanda tells him that his father is gone. She also tells him how long it took for Melanie to reveal where he and Jared were hiding, waiting until she was sure Wanda would not hurt them. Jamie questions this and with some difficulty she tells him that she grew to love him and Jared because of the time she spent with Melanie. Jamie, knowing Jared's feelings towards Wanda, wonders if Melanie hates her too, but she tells him that no, "not as much as she used to." Hearing this, Melanie quickly corrects her, letting Wanda know that "No. I don't hate you at all. Not anymore." 

When Jamie asks how his sister is, Wanda reassures him that she is happy to be back with him, even if being there means the others will kill them. Melanie is upset at her words and Jamie is disturbed by the notion, vowing that he will not let them kill her and the Jared will think of a way to protect her. When Wanda says Jared will not believe, Jamie knows Jared will protect them, just in case it is true. 

After Wanda switches their places in the night, they both fall asleep until Jeb's whistling disturbs their slumber. Sending Jamie off to his classes with Sharon and the other children, Jeb informs Wanda that she will be joining him as he does his chores. Wanda is terrified to be with the others, but she follows him to the northeast field to ready it for planting. Along the way they pass Ian, who offers his help and falls into step behind Wanda. Upon reaching the field, Jeb hands her a shovel and moves them to the least crowded spot in the field. The three begin to work among the others until Jeb calls it a day for the group. The work was hard on Wanda and no doubt tomorrow would be more of the same. With a wink from Jeb, she discerns that he recognized her discomfort and for some reason was actually enjoying it. As Ian crosses the room, he calls back, "See you tomorrow, Wanda" and earns stares from everyone in the room. 

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