Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Saoirse Ronan "Loved the Concept" of 'The Host'

HitFix sat down with Saoirse Ronan during the Toranto International Film Festival to discuss Byzantium, How I Live Now, and The Host.

As someone who hasn't really jumped into the studio movie world, what made you go to do something like 'The Host'? 
I loved the concept.  I think it's an amazing concept and I really liked the book and just the idea of creatures coming onto our planet and trying to perfect our race and our world and get rid of any negativity in any way, which of course would never work really because suddenly you're taking away human nature and human spirit and all these different things.  But it raises a lot of questions like that and that was really, really interesting to me.  Then they said that they [brought on] Andrew Niccol to do it, who has made brilliant films in the past that have conceptually been mind-blowing and beautiful.  So, he was perfect for it and I mean the main producer on it, Nick Wechsler, was fantastic.  He brought everyone together and Stephanie and everything.  So, there were a lot of things there that really attracted me to it.
Read the entire interview here.

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