Friday, July 13, 2012

Five Reasons to Be Excited About 'The Host'

VH1 editor  Sabrina Rojas Weiss and producer Kate Spencer give us five reasons to be excited for the upcoming release of The Host. 

1. The Soul eyes look awesome. After hearing the Twilight crew complain that the contact lenses were kinda the hardest part about making the films, we were worried about this. For the uninitiated, the book is about people possessed by alien creatures called Souls, which give their hosts' eyes a weird silver halo. Instead of that weird blank stare colored contacts can give actors, these made them just seem creepily serene, as they should. 

2. It is PACKED with action. The first scene is just like the book, showing Melanie being chased and jumping into an air shaft. And what we saw ended with a dramatic car/truck/helicopter chase. 

3. Max Irons is super hot. Especially when making out with Saoirse Ronan in the rain. 

4. Saoirse Ronan, as we suspected, is the perfect person to convey both the distress of invaded host Melanie Stryder and the eerie serenity of invader Wanderer. And the voice of Melanie in her head doesn't make you want to laugh inappropriately. 

5. Jake Abel is super hot. Though kind of not when he's trying to strangle Saoirse Ronan, because that would be wrong. 

Listen to them discuss The Host around the 3:35 mark.


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