Saturday, May 12, 2012

Re-read: Chapter Fourteen- Disputed

"Jared's here, Jared's alive, Jared's here."

As their eyes land on Jared's face, Wanderer simply stares, but Melanie cries out, and taking control of her body, moves forward towards him. As they move closer, Wanderer cries for Melanie to stop, seeing danger before them. Before they can reach him, he reaches out and slaps them across the face with so much force, they fall to the ground. 

Jeb comes to their side, lifting them from the ground while in a silent standoff with a rage-filled Jared. Melanie tries to reach out for him again, but Wanderer has regained control and keeps them in place. Whispers among the group continue as another man makes his way through the crowd and inquires about the girl before him. Maggie answers, acknowledging that she was their niece, as a young woman appears at his side. Melanie recognizes the woman as her cousin, Sharon, but Wanderer pushes Melanie back in her mind. 

The man moves to examine them and as he comes to the insertion scar, their eyes move to Jared, who has lost some of the anger he once held in his eyes. Wanderer also comes to realize this man is a doctor and with this realization, she does not take the hand her offers to her. Kyle and Ian, the brothers from the group in the desert, move forward to grab her, but they are stopped when a "No" comes from the crowd. 

Surprisingly, it is Jared who spoke out, wondering the difference between allowing the doctor to examine "it" or allowing Jeb to simply kill them. Sharon steps forward this time, expressing how difficult this is for Jared, but noting that there is no reason to waste an opportunity to learn more about the creature inside the body. With another "No" from Jared, arguments break out amongst the group, but their voices begin to fade as Wanderer and Melanie begin to be lost in the darkness. As they drift, they ask about Jamie and Jeb tells them that made it here with Jared. They whisper a "thank you" before completely succumbing to the darkness. 

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