Saturday, April 14, 2012

Re-read: Chapter Nine- Discovered

"Skipper. Quitter. I tested the words in my head, trying to come to terms with them."

Wanderer hurries down the highway, but finds herself constantly pulled into Melanie's dreams. The bombardment of memories with Jamie and Jared weighs on Wanderer, making her long to be separated from the host body. As her travels continue, Wanderer senses recognition from Melanie as Piacho Peak comes into view. To distract Wanderer from this train of thought, Melanie thrusts her into another memory of Jared.

The first memory takes Wanderer back to the eve of Melanie and Jared's separation, before she takes off in search of her cousin Sharon. Melanie quickly recalls another memory from that night, of her saying goodbye to Jamie. The memory of their father and his return as a host, leading the Seekers to the siblings, weighs heavily on both as they prepare for Melanie's departure.

Melanie begins to replay another memory, this time of a note Melanie writes when the Seekers are near. To Jared she writes: "Not fast enough. Love you love Jamie. Don't go home" (85). Unable to handle another memory, Wanderer calls out "Enough!," but Melanie is ready to let her in and reveal that which she has kept hidden- a path back to Jamie and Jared.

"I don't understand. Where does it lead? How does a mountain lead us?" (86)

In another memory, Jared urges Melanie to explain the dark pencil marks across the back of a photo album. Uncle Jeb branded the book with the marks as he tried to convince her father something was wrong and to not trust anyone, not even his wife when she returned from a visit to her parents. Before being thrown out by her father, Jeb took Melanie aside and said, "Follow the lines. Start at the beginning and follow the lines. Uncle Jeb'll keep a safe place for you" (88). Melanie allows Wanderer to see another memory, this time of when she was much younger, listening as her father reminisced of Stryder land, located in the shadow of Picaho Peak.

Wanderer stops her car in the middle of the highway and once again questions her decision. While deliberating her choices, Wanderer realizes she can no long separate Melanie's desires from her own.

"There was really only one thing to do." (91)

From Stephenie Meyer's playlist: 'I Wasn't Prepared'- Eisley (Chapter 9, page 86)

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