Thursday, March 8, 2012

Re-read: Chapter Five- Uncomforted

“Hello there, Wanderer!”

After succumbing to Melanie’s memories once more, Wanderer visits her Comforter, Kathy. She is weary of entering the office as she has never needed a Comforter in any of her previous lives. In the months since her insertion, Wanderer has taken up a post at the university, finding her Calling as a Professor of History.

Wanderer and Kathy’s conversation takes a more personal turn as Wanderer inquires about her Comforter’s relationship with Curt. The two were inserted into a married couple during one of the first placements on Earth. In order to keep up their façade among neighbors, they needed to maintain the couple’s previous existence, even going by the hosts’ human names.

“Melanie still grieves for Jared” (44).

Wanderer is overwhelmed by  her own feelings of failure and the loss she feels from Melanie's memories. Kathy is shocked to hear Melanie is not fading, but growing stronger. She suggests Wanderer visit a Healer and consider reimplantation, which unites Wanderer and Melanie in a state of horror. Though other hosts have been reused, Melanie and her stubbornness would ultimately be destroyed. Wanderer quickly considers the Comforters' suggestion, but dismisses the notion since she has grown attached to her new host body. 

"I wanted myself. I wouldn't let what was mine be destroyed" (48).

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From Stephenie Meyer's playlist: "Futurism"- Muse (Chapter 5, page 47)

Stephenie Meyer got a few of her soundtrack wishes with the Twilight series with Muse and Linkin Park. Are there any artists from her playlist you would like to hear on the soundtrack? Any of your favorite artists/songs you think would suit the movie?

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  1. Muse has a lot of songs that would fit the movie. I personally think of The Host whenever I hear Resistance.