Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Re-read: Chapter Eight- Loved

"I know enough of human behavior to recognize the signs of manipulation."

The Seeker continues to pester Wanderer as she readies the car for her trip to see Fords Deep Water. Wanderer also continues to question her decision of whether or not to remain in her human host. Though it would be easy to leave Earth, she feels there is still much to experience on this planet.

Melanie has been quiet since the decision was made to find Fords and her faint presence raises more questions within Wanderer. As Wanderer takes one last tour of her apartment, she wonders to herself if this decision to leave behind her job and current residence is just taking her one step closer to vacating the host's body. 

With a curt farewell to the Seeker, Wanderer leaves San Diego and heads for Tucson. Though she is sure the Seeker would not follow up on her treat of following behind her, Wanderer glances back every so often to make sure she is alone. As their journey continues, Wanderer senses Melanie's wall retreat and she is once again cast into her memories. 

In Melanie's memory, she, Jamie, and Jared are taking up residence at the Howe's secluded cabin. As Jamie galavants through the canyon, Jared and Melanie remain close to each other. Jared has not kissed her since the night they met and his distance causes her to question his intentions.

Melanie's memory skips ahead, remembering a sleeping Jamie with his head resting on a soft pillow, a luxury they have not experienced in quite some time. After closing the bedroom door, Melanie joins Jared on the couch. Once again, Melanie is curious about how Jared feels and if their situation is temporary. When she expresses her fear that they will part ways, Jared reassures her that he much prefers hers and Jamie's company. 

While discussing the sleeping arrangements, Melanie senses Jared feels something for her and suggests they share the bed while Jamie takes the couch. He catches her meaning, but takes her suggestion as a feeling of obligation on her part. After a few moments of silence, she finally admits her feelings to him. Pulling her face to meet his, Jared responds
"Right now, if I was given the choice between having the world back and having you, I wouldn't be able to give you up. Not to save five billion lives." (78)

Melanie is relieved to hear his reply, but before she can bring him closer, he pulls away. Jared admits that he is hesitant to be with her, not only because of their age (she is seventeen to his twenty six) and his lack of foresight when it came to stocking up on birth control. He also points out that they have only known each other for 29 days, though it seems like years to Melanie. To Jared, they have time to get there, but Melanie is fearful that their time will run out. 

Wanderer come back to the present, with Melanie faintly lingering in her thoughts and bringing tears to her eyes. 

"You never know how much time you'll have." (80)

This chapter contains one of my favorite quotes from the novel ("Right now, if I was given the choice..."). There are several great lines peppered throughout and I hope some make it into the movie. What are some of your favorite quotes and what are the lines you HAVE to hear come March 29th, 2013?

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