Monday, February 20, 2012

Re-read: Chapter Three- Resisted

"Her name was Melanie Stryder."

As Wanderer awakens, she immediately addresses her concern for the state of the host and the Seeker's unbridled need for information. She also finds it challenging to restrain her emotions, letting anger seep through her words as she converses with the Seeker. Though it is preferable to bind a soul to an immature host, but because of Wanderer's preference and the information they seek, it was imperative that she be placed in an adult host. 

Wanderer also learns of a fellow soul who experienced a similar resistance concerning its host. Earth was only the soul's second life and he was inserted into a man named Kevin. Unbeknownst to the soul, Kevin did not simply fade away, even showing himself in the soul's preference for the human's mechanical work over his musical performance Calling. Kevin eventually overtook the soul and attacked a Healer while trying to extract the soul from his body. The soul was relocated to a younger body and with the host in "poor was decided there wasn't much point in saving him" (27). 

Though Wanderer expresses anger over Kevin's hidden story, she begins to relay information about the host to the Seeker. Wanderer's host is one Melanie Stryder from Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Wanderer is also able to recount Melanie's journey to Chicago and her motive for the risky journey. Melanie was meant to rendezvous with..., but Wanderer is momentarily blocked from the information. 

"Did they find Sharon?" (29) 

It is Wanderer who asks this question, but the curiosity is not hers. Once again, memories flood through her mind and she is able to move past the previous block towards the information the Seeker desires. As Wanderer discovers more about the rendezvous' timetable, the host becomes "almost...smug" (30) as it dawns on both of them that the waiting party is momentarily out of danger. 

"Jared is safe." (30)

In the novel, the Seeker is described as being "a darkness in a bright room" (24). She is small in stature, olive toned, and covered in black from her hair to her feet...and in walks actress Diane Kruger. What are your thoughts on this character's casting? Are matching looks from page to screen important to you (in general/ in this instance) or do you put your faith in the actor's ability to channel the character in their own way?

Addition questions and comments? Leave them below. 

Anyone else REALLY excited for the next chapter? Until then...

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  1. If Niccol follows the clothes The Seeker wears then I don't think it'll be much of a problem. If she's the one wearing the darkest colored clothing and her facial expression shows that she's one serious Soul then stature and skin color don't really matter. In this case, it's all about screen presence.