Sunday, February 5, 2012

Re-read: Chapter One- Remembered

"Not the body, my body."

The Soul awakens, already aware of the onslaught of memories to come. Though she knew "the end would look like death" (9) to the Host's eyes, she was not prepared for the barbarity of these final moments.

"I've failed" (10). Shocked to hear a voice that is not her own, the Soul is quick to realize she may not have complete control over this new body. The Host's memories come rolling through: the shouts of the Seekers, the possibility of failure, and the determination to not let them win.

As the memories appear, the Soul also catches a glimpse of a young man. She responds to this one pleasant memory: "I knew nothing of what passed for beauty among these strangers, and yet I knew that this face was beautiful" (13). As soon as the Soul confesses this, the Host squelches the train of thought with a possessive, "Mine" (13).
Though one could assume the Soul and Host have similar sounding voices, as I read the novel, their voices were individual and distinct. Did anyone else experience this throughout the novel? It will be interesting to see how they handle these internal conversations and memories in the movie.

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From Stephenie Meyer's playlist:
"Soul Meets Body"- Death Cab for Cutie (Chapter 1, page 9)

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