Monday, February 27, 2012

Re-read: Chapter Four- Dreamed

"One sound and you die..."

Melanie lays low in the bushes as she waits for a couple to vacate their home for the evening. When the "monsters" (32) finally leave, she hurries into the house, collecting food for her and her brother Jamie. As she leaves, a dark figure on the patio catches her attention. Though she tries to make a run for it, the figure tackles her and the two scuffle to the ground.

"Feisty for a peace-loving body snatcher, aren't you?" (33).

Both mistakenly take each other for occupied hosts, but as the man feels around Melanie's neck, he realizes she is still human. Before she knows it, he crashes his lips to hers and she knees him in retaliation. As she takes off running, the man follows her until he tackles her once more. He urges her to look at his eyes as he shines a light at them to prove he has not been invaded by a soul. The man, who introduces himself as Jared Howe, apologizes for his reaction since he has not had contact with another human for more than two years. Before Melanie can take off again, Jared offers her a ride back to her brother and kisses her once more.

Wanderer wakes from her sleep, unsure if what she just experienced was another restless dream, or a memory. Getting off the bed, she goes to her computer and sends the Seeker a message:
"There was another human with my host, Melanie Stryder. His name is Jamie Stryder; he is her brother." (38)
As Wanderer sends off her message, Melanie's voice pierces the silence: "Not Jamie!" (39) Once more, she feels Melanie's presence and fights against her. Disappointment seeps through Wanderer as she realizes this short exchange with the host means another meeting with her Comforter.

"There was no doubt that she was getting stronger." (39) 

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From Stephenie Meyer's playlist:
"Papercut"- Linkin Park (Chapter 4, page 39)

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