Friday, January 20, 2012

What Attracted Max Irons to 'The Host'?

So The Host! What attracted you to this role?

Science fiction. I’ve always loved science fiction. But I suppose it was the casting, the director, and Stephenie herself, which attracted me. I mean, I’m not too familiar with Twilight, but she’s definitely, she’s tapped into something … young people’s psychology. I don’t know what she does, but it really works. The Host is such a great book, and having Andrew Niccol, who is kind of famed for his science fiction, at the helm is comforting, and Saoirse Ronan, who was Oscar-nominated [when she was so young]. In the screen tests, she’s so good, it’s unnerving…

What stage of production are you at?

Going down there this afternoon. I know nothing!

*Author's note: The film is slated to shoot in Louisiana and New Mexico.


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