Monday, November 14, 2011

Stephenie Meyer Talks 'The Host' at 'Breaking Dawn' Premiere

"It's a really grueling thing, being on a movie set every day," she said, going on to explain that she's been pretty much eating, sleeping and breathing "Twilight" for months on end.

But after the requisite discussion of the wedding, the honeymoon, and, of course, that particular scene in which Edward destroys the furniture in a sexual fugue state, MTV News' Josh Horowitz was able to move on to some fresher material—or as Stephenie puts it, "cleanse the palate" of vampire-related chitchat. And the next topic on tap? The upcoming movie adaptation of "The Host"!

And it's already getting exciting, y'all; Stephenie got animated at the mere mention of the new project, saying, "We just cast the boys, and I'm so excited!"

Dude! So are we! Tell us more!

"And Saoirse Ronan," added Stephenie. "So amazing! You just can't take your eyes off of her, she's unbelievable."

And lest any skeptical readers are sitting there thinking that "The Host" couldn't possibly titillate you the way that a vampire-werewolf love triangle has for the past three years, you might want to check out this inside scoop on just how many schmexy sparks flew between stars Saoirse Ronan, Jake Abel and Max Irons during the audition process.

"Wow, the chemistry," Stephenie exclaimed. "With the auditions, it was just really clear. Chemistry isn't something you can manufacture. And Saoirse and Jake, Saoirse and Max..."

Unfortunately, Stephenie kinda trailed off there without giving any more insight into what went on behind the scenes during casting. But that's okay; it just makes us want to know more! And we'll be watching carefully in the weeks post-"Breaking Dawn" to snag any more insider info on just what's happening with Stephenie Meyer's next cinematic project.



  1. Oh my goodness.
    I am beyond hyped for the movie!
    So far, both of my favorite books are becoming movies in 2012 :'D
    As of now, I'm rooting for the Hunger Games - then THIS!

    And I'm very satisfied with the actors. Who cares if Jake Abel isn't too hot to play Ian O'Shea or Max Irons looks too young for Jared?
    Stars always adapt their looks to the characters they're going to play - AND those three are excellent excellent actors, especially Saoirse <333

    If the chemistry was BANG-ON, then it's official! Yayyy.
    Can't waitt for the photography releases :3