Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Saoirse Ronan Says Stephenie Meyer Will Be "Very Hands On" with 'The Host'

According to star Saoirse Ronan, The Host author Stephenie Meyer will be "very hands on during" the production of the movie.

Meyer has become increasing more involved with the Twilight series, taking on a producer credit for both parts of Breaking Dawn. 

Click here for Ronan's interview with Xpose.  Besides The Host, Ronan discusses The Hobbit that was and Byzantium, which she will film before The Host.


  1. It's Hello_Jill from IMDb. Keep up the good work! I believe your site was also quoted in another thread on the Saoirse Ronan message board. You're quite the popular source!

  2. Excellent sources here!
    Please do continue to supply us with every bit and piece you can get your hands that is involved with the Host - this is a great source website :D