Saturday, October 22, 2011

Is There a Sequel (or Two) in the Works?

His next project will be as director and writer of The Host, adapting the best-selling novel by Twilight author Stephanie Meyer about aliens inhabiting human life forms.

"It's a liberating feeling that I'll be directing something I haven't had to make up. It'll be fun. But I have to say, Stephanie gave me her 650-page book to adapt. That's a workout to start with but I've managed to get it down to a script and there are two more movies coming after the initial movie," he says. Clearly, he enjoys a challenge. "Well, yes. At first I thought, 'this is going to be impossible'."

Despite his a resume full of altered realities or futuristic ideas, he doesn't see himself as a sci-fi fan. "I wasn't a sci-fi buff growing up, although my dad is. I didn't even know I was making science fiction when I started my career. I just thought I was telling stories. I didn't know which shelf my movies would end up on in the video shop," he says. "And now that I know, video stores are a thing of the past."

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  1. Hello_Jill from IMDb: I hope not. I'm not sure how such a concept will even be attractive to future audiences UNLESS the built in fan base (which isn't as big as the Twilight book series) eats it up. If OpenRoads wants to be a serious distributor Meyer's source material will not make it one.